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Frederick Leonard Calls Out Nollywood Actors/Actress With Body Odour

Frederick Leonard, a Nollywood actor, has publicly called out some of his coworkers who have body odor and emphasized that every rational person should use deodorants.

According to Newsmen, the actor made this comment in response to a post made by his colleague Victor Okpalan on Instagram.

Okpalan had bemoaned the conduct of certain performers and staff members who showed up to a set with foul odors.

He stated that his coworkers should act appropriately and refrain from causing others to feel uneasy or have trouble breathing around them.

He wrote, “You can’t come onset and smelling like a rat poison seller under Ajah bridge!

“Like how can’t we breathe where you are? Abeg save our nostrils!!!”

Leonard responded in the comments area, arguing that deodorants should be required for both cast and crew to prevent offensive odors.

He went on to say that Nollywood celebrities should also use mint or gum to prevent bad breath.

The actor wrote, “Any human being that has a functioning brain whether cast or crew, should use deodorants, and touch up again by so you don’t begin to smell like goat.

“For a profession that requires that we are constantly on our feet for a minimum of 14 hours, common sense should apply. …And let’s not forget mint or gum to fight mouth odor.”

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