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‘How we rescued wife of late Ogboni leader after shootout’

The second wife of the late Adetoyese Olakisan, the head of the Ogboni fraternity who died while trailing kidnappers, Rashidat, has been rescued from the kidnappers’ den.

Olakisan’s two wives were kidnapped on Monday, April 3, 2023, at his residence in Imesi, Obokun Local Government of Osun State and the man died with two others while trailing the kidnappers.

One of the wives had escaped on Tuesday claiming that her husband led him out of the bush.

Speaking with journalists on Sunday, the Convener of local security, Kiriji Heritage Defender, Dr. Ademola Ekundayo, narrated how the second wife was rescued after a gun duel with the kidnappers inside Ekiti-Osun bush.

He explained that the victim was rescued at a village called ‘Aba Paanu’ between Oke-Imesi and Ikoro-Ekiti, where the kidnappers have dominated.

He said, “Our government must engage local security. The kidnappers have surrounded us already. We took N2 million to them. But when they discovered that we are many, they started shooting. We saw two of them holding the woman. They left the woman and ran away.

“They operate around that hills. They asked for five cartons of Fearless drink, one roll of cigarettes, MTN, Glo recharge cards, and others.”

The Coordinator of Kiriji Heritage in Otan-Ile, Obokun Local Government, Ajayi Adebayo, explained that the kidnappers are Fulani herdsmen who are heavily armed.

He said, “The only problem we have is that we don’t have ammunition. We can enter the bush and face them as many as they are.”

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