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SHOCKING!!! Beautiful 25-Year-Old Missing Lady Found Murdered & Dumped In Gwarimpa, Abuja (Photos)


A 25-Year-Old Lady Identified As Mirabel Ladi Agada Abraham, was brutally murdered by unknown assailants in Abuja.

One Abdullahi Haruna, in a Facebook post on Thursday, April 27, 2023, said Mirabel was declared missing on April 7, after she left her place of work at Gwarimpa but never reached home.

According to him, her mutilated body was found dumped along Gwarimpa road a week later. She had been brutally stabbed.

The deceased was laid to rest on Sunday, April 23, in her hometown, Igah Ocheba in Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi State.

“The world is filled with thorns of evil disguised as pebbles of petals. Nowhere is safe as no one is also safe- predators live among and with us. The watchword is to be watchful,” Haruna wrote.

This beautiful, harmless and innocent lady Mirabel Ladi Agada was just an ordinary lady who joined others to eke a living in Abuja. Her offence was to strive to live and survive just like any other person gifted with the liberty of the pursuit of happiness.

Sadly, she went out one day in the first week of April and never returned. After days of searching, her body was discovered abandoned somewhere in the city center of Abuja. She has been murdered by fellow humans who breathe the same air as her. She was left mutilated and her body dehumanized thus cutting the beautiful life of a promising young lady whose crime was to be born in a land infested with human maggots. As you read this, her young body had been laid in the red soil of Igah in Olamaboro Kogi state. Never again shall we see innocent Mirabel , perhaps on the day of reckoning.

Dear ladies, the outside world is a turf of thorns, evil people live in frightening abundance - the tempting luxuries you see around are filled with killer baits. Try as much as possible to suppress the urge to be tempted- some men exist as woe givers, they entice you with the bounties of the world only to end your strides. Be cautious. Most men are killers, they lure you with wealth, defile your body and leave you dead in many instances. Don't be a statistic of their evil tabulations.

Try to minimize your physical interaction with strangers, whoever must see you should come to your house- you are not a child of the street , you are a lady from a family. And for those of you who are vendors, dispatch riders are a sure bet for your business. Personally deliveries are invitations to doom.

You all need you to stay alive to enjoy life, lock your life with the protective key of caution. We need you all alive. Frankly musing.

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