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Charles Okocha Biography, Family, Education, Career, Net Worth and Assets

In this piece, abujapress chronicles the biography, family, education, career, net worth and assets of Charles Okocha.

Charles Okocha popularly known as Igwe 2Pac, is a Nigerian actor known for playing bad boy roles. Charles Okocha was one of the mentors for ‘Idea Challenge’. He won the Vskit Voice Competition in 2019.


He was born to Paul Okolie Nwayalani on 5th July, 1976 in Anambra State.

According to reports, he is a native of Okpanam, Delta State.

Okocha’s family moved to Surulere in the southwestern Nigerian state of Lagos when he was a small boy.

After completing his high school education in Lagos State, he moved to the US to continue his education.

Okocha is not married but has three children from different women.

The Nigerian actor has never unveiled the name of his kids’ mothers to the media


Okocha began his career in 2001 and has acted in over 100 movies.

Given the uniqueness of Okocha’s rise, it’s no surprise that he’s maintained his fame. In 2001, successful promoter and film director Teco Benson introduced him to acting.

His entry into the “big screen” was purely coincidental; it is sometimes claimed. According to the story, the film’s director, Turko Benson, approached him while he was walking and on the road, and asked him if he would be in the film. Thus, Tyco Benson’s film “The Wasted Years” starring him was made.

He became famous because of his role in the film, earning the moniker Igwe 2Pac. He is renowned for performing with comically ambiguous language and American accent impersonation.

His character in the movie earned him the nickname “Igwe 2Pac,” as an American returnee with foul speech patterns, comedic accents, and mannerisms.


Okocha appeared in several more movies in the years to come, including “Three Thieves,” “The Queen’s Request,” and “My Fiancee.” Okocha, an actor in Nollywood, is also funny.

He has performed comedic skits alongside comics like Broda Shaggi. On his social media platforms, he frequently posts comedic videos.

The actor is a performer as well. His rap tunes abound. He released “Amoshine,” his debut song, in 2016. Accolades (2020) and Police Brutality (2018) are some of his other tracks.

In 2018, he released the tune “Shove It Up Your Ass,” which went viral thanks to a clever dance that quickly caught on online. Okocha was one of the mentors for ‘The Idea Challenge.’. He won in the 2019 Vskit Voice Competition.


Along with singing and acting, the Nigerian actor owns the Nunu apparel line, which debuted on February 1st, 2020.

The comedian has been a brand ambassador for Future Focus, Rixari Skincare, Shortlet Rentals Nigeria, and P-Gold Exchange.

In addition, the Nigerian actor has won many accolades for his performances. The Africa Movie Academy Awards’ Best New Actor, the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards’ Best Actor in a Supporting Role, and the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards’ Most Promising Actor in Nigeria are just a few accolades and nominations.



In 2019, a police officer who was intoxicated was accused of shooting him in Asaba while attempting to “hail him” by firing into the air.

The gun, set up to fire randomly, allegedly dropped off his hand. As a result, some bullets hit him, and he was taken to the hospital.

In the United States, he also had urgent surgery. Five shots in his stomach and leg were extracted from his body. He spoke about the incident at his Thanksgiving service and said he had undergone three operations since then.


Indeed, Okocha has also had his fair share of media controversy once; a video clip circulated online angered his fans and many netizens.

Okocha was seen damaging a friend’s car after noticing his daughter sitting in the front seat, cruising with him in the car.

The actor was allegedly accused of destroying his friend’s car while dragging his “daughter” to a vehicle.

The scenes were so natural and tension-filled as many started attributing and speculating many reasons for his behavior.

Some pointed at drugs; others said he was a protective dad, while others criticized his friend and admonished his “daughter.” Okocha later cleared the air and confirmed the circulating clip was a scene in a movie and the lady in it wasn’t his daughter.


His net worth is reportedly estimated at $500,000.


Okocha is said to have a nice collection of cars in his garage. Range Rovers, Highlander Jeeps, Mercedes Benz, and other automobiles are a few of the vehicles the superstar has been seen with.

He owns one of the biggest and most luxurious homes in the state.

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