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Exposed: How dare devil hairdresser confessed to have made lot of money from selling customers hair to ritualists(Video)


A lady has revealed how a hairdresser confessed to have made a lot of money from selling her customers’ hairs to rit¥alists.

She claimed that when she went to a salon that was close to her home for the first time, a woman was talking to one of her clients about how a fellow hairdresser made a lot of money by selling her clients’ hairs to rit¥alists. However, when she questioned the woman about where she was getting the money, the woman confessed to her because they were from the same town, and if she would be interested, which she was at the time and she did it too.

In addition, she claimed that after a while, a sermon in their church had moved her, leading her to refrain from the action in question and to pray to God for forgiveness.

However, she claimed that after hearing the hairdresser’s tale, she refused to get her hair done and then got up to go.

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