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Foremost activist laments worsened Nation’s hardship, urges stakeholders to brace up challenges


Foremost Activist, Victor Ojei on Sunday lamented the worsened Nation’s hardship, urging stakeholders to brace up challenges or face massive protest soon.

Ojei in a statement signed, a copy made available to Journalists in Asaba, Delta said that Nigeria may rise again if stakeholders are working in the direction to revamp the currently destroyed economy, adding that over the years,many Nigerians have died in egregious penury, among others.

The statement added:”The hardship in Nigeria is a topic that has been on the lips of many Nigerians for a long time. It’s a fact that despite being one of the most blessed countries in terms of natural resources, Nigeria is still faced with a lot of hardship. Comrade Victor Ojei, popularly known as Wong Box, is one of the many Nigerians who have expressed concern about the situation in the country”.

Noting that Nigeria is blessed with vast natural resources, including solid and liquid minerals, Activist Victor Ojei explained that the country is also the largest oil producer in Africa and the 12th largest in the world, adding that despite all these resources, many Nigerians still struggle to make ends meet, especially when the country had been plagued with high levels of poverty, unemployment, inflation, insecurity, and poor infrastructure.

Part of the statement reads:”It is disheartening to see that the hardship in Nigeria seems to be increasing by the day. The cost of living has become so high that many Nigerians can no longer afford basic necessities. The current economic situation has left many families struggling to put food on the table, pay for medical bills, and even access quality education”.

In recent times, he said,the country has been hit with various challenges that have compounded the already existing hardship, adding:” from the COVID-19 pandemic to the #EndSARS protests, the insecurity in the North, and the various agitations across the country.

As a people, Ojei explained Nigerians have endured so much as they cannot help but wonder when things will get better, stressing that the situation in the country calls for urgent action from the government, the private sector, and every well-meaning Nigerian.

He said:”The government needs to do more to address the various challenges facing the country. There is a need for sound economic policies that will promote growth and development, create jobs, and reduce poverty. The private sector also has a significant role to play in the development of the country. The private sector can invest in key sectors of the economy, create jobs, and help reduce poverty. The Central Bank of Nigeria and the Bank of Industry can also facilitate loans for Small and Medium Business across the country to enable them increase their investment and staff strength thereby reducing the number of unemployed youths”.

As Nigerians, he added, there was need to come together and support one another with the need to promote peace, unity, and love in the country, stressing that Nigeria must embrace diversity and work towards building a better future for ourselves and future generations. The National Orientation Agency, National Human Rights Commission, various State Bureaus for Orientation and Legal Aid of Nigeria needs to be well funded so as to enable them meet up with their statutory mandates, regretting that due to corrupt practices by state actors, money if disbursed will become an albatross because those in these mentioned agencies will divert the funds for self aggrandizement as against the public interest and the purpose for which the money was budgeted for these agencies, and called on government to set up agencies that will be hands on that will ensure that the disbursed money to these agencies are well supervised to ensure the goals and aim are reached, or else, there could be massive protest soon to press home the difficult times.

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