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Helen Mbakwe: Meet the new political role model in Anambra politics


The Nigerian brand of politics negates the basic principles of royalty at all levels and this appear to make it unattractive for the right people. Though the murky terrain seems to be getting murkier, courageous Nigerians are daring the odds, sticking out their necks to change the narrative. They have come to realize that the price we pay for always allowing the worst of us determine our collective destiny is too steep and and it is something to be ashamed of. 

Apart from few politicians who are dominating our political discourse now; in Anambra, an amazon successfully changed the narrative in the just concluded Anambra Central Senatorial election and wrote her name in gold.

Her entry with a relatively known political party , the NNPP, whose founder and board chairman is from Anambra Central himself, painted a picture of some sort of unseriousness about her candidacy. However, Princess Mbakwe's political messaging was a different kind of gospel, and the message was "Doing the right thing". It was a breath of fresh air, resonating across the length and breadth of her constituency. The reception was massive. 

Even those who looked condescendly at her candidacy are full of encomium about her outing and this is predicated on the very fact of running the most organised, mature and permeating campaign. Within just 2 months of selling her brand, she became the most talked about of the Senatorial campaigners and the beautiful bride of the Anambra central senatorial politics, where people were eager to hear her speak at different fora. 


Her speeches and choice of words were candid and precise throughout the electioneering period;they were equally well measured, full of civility, and her messages flowed like water with accompanying reassuring tone, soft but firm. In a clime where politicians regard late coming to events as a sign of self importance and unmatched authority, she was a stickler to time and adhered to rules . Invite her to an event at 12pm , she'll be waiting by 11:30am . This is not because she was idle but because of the importance she accords to every event no matter the organisers and the fact that it takes things as little as keeping to time to gauge people's character.

Princess Helen, (royalty to the 3rd power)'the Royal Amazon of Anambra politics', as an entrepreneur, understands the importance of branding. She believes that politicians owe the electorates the right conduct. To her ,it's not just about winning elections, but more importantly making sure that the process of coming to power is not corrupted and compromised. She understands that foundation is everything. 

At most times, a lot of people participate in elections and not only loose at the polls but loose the entirety of their personage and brand too. But here with Mrs Mbakwe, she's holding her head high, earning the respect of her people for a well conducted issue and community by community based campaign.

 The Amazon,all through electioneering , adopted her own style, propagating humility and talking hope in an atmosphere where elections have a history of vitriols. To her, dwelling on pedestrian talks obfuscates the real issues and reduces the level of political discourse. More importantly, she understands that politics is first and foremost a service, that the real power lies with the people, and at all times, the wielders of political power must be conscious of this fact. It is the reason she treats everyone with respect and dignity. 

An adherent of New Nigeria Movement, she is a believer in time management and rules and will speak up when there is need in defense of these values . An example of this was when she walked away from the maiden debate of Anambra Central senatorial zone, when one of the candidates was allowed to join the session at almost the conclusion of the conversation and other candidates followed suit. To her,in the new Nigerian Project,"if we must get it right ,then we should get it right from the outset,and not be given to compromise"

Like a politician said,you have not won election if you have not been able to win the heart of the people you want to lead. Having crossed her Ts and dotted her Is , Princess Mbakwe was crusing to victory,but for the deliberate removal of her party's logo on the ballot papers, the election would have been a walk in the park for her.Be that as it may, She might not have won the polls but her conduct has won her the heart of the people. Laurels and accolades are coming in for a woman who used a very short time to prove a point that it is not how far but how well.

She has equally showed the spirit of sportsmanship by extending congratulatory message to the winner of the election Senator Victor Umeh few days after the results were declared while commending the governor for providing enabling environment for everybody to participate in the process without undue interference. 

Assembling a great team is a mark of leadership. So,in all these successes ,no one can obliterate the vibrancy and effectiveness of her powerful team.

One member of that team,Engr Baron- Princess Helen's Son, a key contributor to his mother's political campaign played vital role in developing and executing campaign's vision that sank deep with the voters.

Baron, a believer in good governance, deployed his experience in marketing, business and engineering precision to politics.

He positioned himself relentlessly and strategically within the campaign organisation, working tirelessly behind the scene to ensure seamless operation of the campaign machinery. Baron's Midas touch remains one of the reasons the campaign reached a wide followership and generated momentum within so short a period of time

Helen Mbakwe,the courageous lawyer, entrepreneur and philanthropist represents a new face of politics in Anambra. Her brand reverberates and resonates with the people. It is only a matter of time before the people will beckon on her to come forward and take up the leadership mantle. That time is no longer far fetched, the time Anambra State will embody the "Doing the right thing" mantra.

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