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Rapper sentenced to 6 years in prison for drug trafficking


Rapper, Fetty Wap, has been sentenced to six years in federal prison on for his role in a New York-based drug-trafficking scheme.

Fetty Wap was sentenced to six years of federal prison and five years of post-release supervision Wednesday, nine months after he pleaded guilty to his role in a drug-trafficking conspiracy.

The Paterson, N.J., rapper, whose legal name is Willie Junior Maxwell II, was one of six co-defendants who pleaded guilty after they were accused of conspiring to distribute cocaine and other controlled substances.

Maxwell’s role was as a “kilogram-level redistributor,” said a news release from U.S. District Attorney Breon Peace of the Eastern District of New York.

Maxwell’s charge came with a minimum five-year prison sentence, and prosecutors recommended he be sentenced to seven to nine years.

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