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How Unmarried People In Nigeria Will Be Affected By Fuel Subsidy Removal


During the presidential inauguration of Bola Tinubu, he boldly announced that there would be no fuel subsidy.

As a result, there has been a surge in panic buying of petrol and petrol stations began increasing their prices dramatically. The situation has caused concern and distress for many, as they struggle to cope with the sudden rise in fuel costs.

However, people who are single and searching might have to stop their search for the one for the following reasons:

1. If your love interest lives in another state, you have to say bye for a long time

If the boy or girl you like, or you are in a talking stage with lives in another Nigerian state, then be assured that you will not see them in a long time. If you plan on travelling by road to see them, you should expect an increase in the cost of transportation. The alternative would be to pay for expensive airplane tickets, but this option might not be viable if either one of you lives in a town or city without an airport.

2. If you live far from each other in the same city, say bye for a while

Some relationships are technically long-distance, even if they both live in the same city. Imagine dating someone who stays in Ajah and you live in Ikorodu, meeting up with them will be an expensive journey. You might have to start cohabiting.

3. No more paying for Ubers to go on a date

If you don’t go out, how do you expect to meet the love of your life?

When you check the cost of Uber to go out on a date, you will most likely decide to stay back at home. The man or woman you want to go out to see might even say you should stay back instead of paying for you.

4. No more driving around during a date

Have you ever been on a date when you just drove around town at night? Well, say goodbye to those kinds of dates, people will only leave their houses for work and emergencies – no more star gazing.

5. No more picking and dropping the lady off

Have you ever liked a woman so much that you drove to pick her up and even dropped her at home after the date? Well, that’s not going to happen anymore. There is no fuel and all your moves have to be calculated.

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