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If They Truly Want Tinubu To Succeed They Won’t Push For Muslim-Muslim National Assembly Leadership – Wike

The former Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has berated those pushing for a Muslim Senate President and a Muslim Speaker of the House of Representatives.

He noted that though Tinubu was able to win the election despite campaigns against his Muslim-Muslim ticket, such a mistake should not be repeated with the leadership of the National Assembly.

The erstwhile Governor made the statement during a media chat with journalists in his home in Port Harcourt on Tuesday,

He insisted that such a move is an attempt to frustrate the administration of Tinubu as there are already allegations that the Muslim-Muslim ticket was an agenda to Islamise Nigeria,

He said, "Only those who do not want the unity of this country can even have that kind of proposal. If you do that, what signal are you giving out?

"You are trying to frustrate his administration because already, there's been an accusation that why he went to pick a Muslim, was to run a Muslim agenda, which is not correct.

"It is expected to balance this thing now, so Nigerians will now see that all these are accusations and rumors by lazy politicians.

"If you want this country to be balanced, give hope here, give hope there, and let it not look like we are running a religious government.

"If anybody loves this administration, if anybody wants him to succeed, if anybody wants the unity of this country, you won't think twice to know that the way it is now, the speakership is north, you want the Senate President to go to the north, you can't say that."

Speaking further, Wike insisted that the argument against the south holding the leadership of the three atms of government holds no ground as it was the same in the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

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