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Transforming Agriculture in Nigeria: AFAN's Partnership with Tingo Mobile Fuels Digital Revolution


In an exciting development that promises to revolutionize Nigerian agriculture, the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) has announced a significant milestone in its partnership with Tingo Mobile.

This groundbreaking collaboration aims to provide AFAN members with cutting-edge mobile technology and fintech solutions, empowering them to thrive in the digital era.

ABUJA, NIGERIA – June 7, 2023: AFAN, the leading umbrella organization for farmers and agricultural cooperatives in Nigeria, is proud to unveil the progress made in its lease and service agreement with Tingo Mobile Limited. Tingo Mobile, renowned for its mobile and fintech solutions, has witnessed an impressive adoption rate among AFAN members. As of today, over 11 million members have embraced Tingo Mobile's smartphone and fintech applications, including the game-changing Nwassa platform, as an integral part of their daily agricultural operations.

Embracing Digital Agriculture: The collaboration between AFAN and Tingo Mobile represents a groundbreaking leap forward for the Nigerian agricultural sector. With AFAN's goal to provide its members access to advanced mobile technology and financial services, this partnership serves as a catalyst for transforming traditional farming practices into tech-driven, efficient systems.

Unlocking New Opportunities

Beyond access to mobile technology, AFAN members are also exploring exciting opportunities through Tingo Mobile's affiliate, Tingo Foods Plc. Some members have already begun supplying their produce for processing, marking a modest yet promising step in AFAN's partnership with the Tingo Group.

Dr Farouk Rabiu Mudi, the esteemed National President of AFAN, expresses his optimism, stating, "We are thrilled by the progress achieved through our collaboration with Tingo Mobile. The digital transformation is gaining momentum among our members, with several farmers engaging with Tingo Foods Plc. We remain hopeful for continued growth and enhanced utilization of the products and services offered by Tingo and its group of companies."

Empowering Agriculture in the Digital Age

The AFAN-Tingo Mobile partnership exemplifies AFAN's unwavering commitment to modernize agricultural practices and equip its members with the necessary tools to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. By embracing digital solutions, AFAN is ensuring that Nigerian farmers can leverage technology for increased efficiency, productivity, and sustainable growth.

As AFAN and Tingo Mobile join forces, a new era dawns for Nigerian agriculture. The adoption of mobile technology and fintech solutions by over 11 million AFAN members marks a significant milestone towards achieving the vision of a digitally empowered agricultural sector. AFAN remains dedicated to championing the interests of farmers and driving the overall development of agriculture in Nigeria, ensuring a prosperous future for the nation's farming community.

About AFAN: The All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) serves as the unified voice for farmers, agricultural cooperatives, and associations across Nigeria. Committed to promoting farmers' interests and advancing agricultural development, AFAN plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Nigerian agriculture.

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