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100 Most Notable Peace Icons Africa to be Univeled August 30th

Arrangements have been concluded for the 100 most notable peace icons in Africa to be honoured in acknowledgement and recognition of their roles in promoting peaceful co-existence on the continent. 

The award ceremony being spearheaded by Peace Ambassador Agency Global, African Transformer Institute (ATI) in partnership with World Peace Ambassadors, American Management University, and International Peace Commission seeks to give appreciate these individuals who be crowned "Peace Icons and grand Commander of Peace in Africa numbering about 100 across countries in African continent. 

"This list is a tribute to the remarkable achievements of these individuals and a testament to the enduring human," the organisers said in a statement. 

Sources from ranks of people spearheading this pan-African event said proceeds will be deployed to offer scholarships to over 20,000 students selected from across the countries on the continent. 

Also, massive pipe-borne water projects will be embarked upon to enhance the living standard of under-served communities where water, sanitation, and hygiene pose a threat to the people health. 

Highlighting the importance of peace and why these icons are being honoured, the organisers stated further, "Over the last three decades, our society has been tethering at the brink of global conflict and the pursuit of peace has given rise to some of the most remarkable individuals of our time - people who have dedicated their lives to promoting peace and justice in their communities, countries, and the world at large."

Among those expected to be honoured are political leaders who worked tirelessly to resolve conflicts and promote diplomacy, Business Executives, activists who fought against injustice and inequality, humanitarians who have provided aid and relief to those in need as well as religious figures who preach nonviolence and compassion.

The event organisers said that even though those to be honoured share different paths, they all shared a deep commitment to global peace. 

"Achieving global peace is not an easy task, but these individuals and organizations did whatever it took to make it a reality; their efforts have not gone unnoticed," the organisers added. 

The 100 Most Notable Peace Icons Africa come from diverse backgrounds and have different life experiences, but they all share a deep commitment to peace and nonviolence. 

They have been applauded for making a difference in the dream of building achievable society and that each person can make a difference in building a better world. 

Through their leadership, activism, and humanitarian work, they have inspired millions of people around the world to join their movement and work towards a more just and peaceful future, the organisers stated. 

The organisers reminded Africans on the importance of their working and the impact it has had on the world. 

"We hope that their example will continue to inspire individuals and organizations around the world to work towards a more peaceful and just world for all."

The date for the award will be fixed in the coming weeks.

The preparation is already at advanced stage as the country directors from Malawi, Cameroon, Liberia, Angola, Rwanda, Mali, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are working around the clock to ensure successful nominations and event.

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