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How I Used Civil Defence To Collect Back The Phone My Brother Bought For A Girl


Just after the lock down in 2020, my brother met this girl who just finished serviced, he loved her, after few days of talking bros bought her a new tecno spark 4, she came to our house to thank my brother, but she refused to enter my brother’s room, she stood outside to thank

I was angry, because I know the game, so my brother asked her why she was avoiding him, she replied and said “my mum said I cannot have anything to do any man that is not from our village!”

And you still holding the phone my brother bought for you?
You didn’t return it?

Is the phone from your village?

My brother been a very gentle and nice guy allowed her to go with the phone, but me I will not have it, the phone is not from your village so it must be returned,I began to think and strategies

After a few days I called my friend at CIVIL DEFENCE

We made an arrangement and he went to the girls house with some of their officer, arrested the girl for holding a stolen phone, she said ” I didn’t steal the phone oo, Na someone buy am for me, call the person now, she said she can’t cos of some reason (oloriburuku) 😔

She begged and begged, so they released her to go and bring the receipt of the phone, she went and never came back, I collected the phone and gave my guys at civil defence 20k for job well done, guess what phone I am chatting from now?

I am a lady but I hate injustice!

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