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‘I Am Enamored By Yoruba Culture’: Reno Omokri Recreates Obasanjo’s 1977 Outfit

I was inspired to spend a prince’s ransom to recreate the outfit and pose that General Olusegun Obasanjo unveiled on Tuesday, October 11, 1977. My couturier got everything right, except the abetí ajá.

By now, I reckon it is no secret that I am enamoured of Yoruba culture. Yorubas are some of the coolest people on Earth. Colonialism had almost no effect on their culture.

They are one of the few people that can go anywhere and make their hosts wish they were Yoruba. You cannot intimidate them. Yet they are not aggressive. The way they show respect. Their music. Their party loving nature. Their playfulness. The way they carry themselves in their native fashion. And yes, the Yoruba demon charm. So warm a people! 

And their natural diplomacy is top-notch. Their ability to harmoniously disagree with you is almost talismanic! When other people call you werey, you will want to donate two slaps to them. But the way a Yoruba person says it makes you feel complimented! Broda, e sure she ori yin kpe? 

One thing I will say is that they have a precise balance of strength and warmth. Not projecting too much strength to make you loathe them. And not exuding too much warmth to elicit disrespect. I don’t know how they do it. It might be innate. But we can all learn from them. 


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