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Layi Wasabi: How Growing Up In Osogbo Inspired Me To Be Skit Maker

Popular Nigerian skit maker, Layi Wasabi, has said that growing up in Osogbo, the capital of Osun state, has influenced the kind of content he creates. 

In a recent chat with Jermaine on the BTS Reality podcast, Layi said Osogbo’s serene environment enables him to watch, learn and create humorous sketches.

He added that the character imitations in his skits came from people he met in his hometown Osogbo.

“Osogbo is a quiet city that allows your thought to wander and that was basically what made me who I am. The people I imitate in the skits are people I have seen in Osogbo,” the skit maker said.

“I served in Ibadan so there was this lawyer I met in Ibadan, not how he looks but how his character looks. He was tall also.

“So that was where I got the inspiration from. I mean a lawyer character that could entertain people but other characters are from Osogbo.”

The online comedian also spoke about his relocation to Lagos and his experience with a LASTMA officer.

Born Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola, Layi started his comedy career as a teenager.

Wasabi is known for blending the societal issues and everyday challenges faced by Nigerians into content.

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