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Ads Place Celebrates Hip Hop @ 50 with Unprecedented Events: The Blocc Party and Nairobi Hip Hop Festival, the trailblazing music streaming platform of East Africa, is setting the stage a blaze with an explosive celebration of 50 years of Hip Hop. With a nod of appreciation to The Blocc Party and the Nairobi Hip Hop Festival, is making its mark in commemorating a genre that has left an indelible impact on global culture.

The Blocc Party: Taking Hip Hop to the Streets

On August 11th, Sk8City at Diamond Plaza 2 became the epicenter of Hip Hop enthusiasts, thanks to the dynamic organization by Unkut Africa. Tracy Beey, the charismatic host, set the tone for a night of musical euphoria that saw legendary artists and emerging talents converge. The pulsating beats of DJ D-Lite resonated through the air as artists like Juacali, Sharama, Wakamba Wawili, Kayvo KForce, and more, delivered electrifying performances that had the audience on their feet.

But The Blocc Party was not just about the music. It was a platform for open mic sessions that gave aspiring artists a chance to shine. The event also embraced the essence of skating culture, allowing attendees to groove to the rhythm on wheels. The atmosphere was further enhanced by a variety of vendors offering delectable bites and refreshing drinks.

Nairobi Hip Hop Festival: A Cultural Extravaganza

Continuing the crescendo, the Nairobi Hip Hop Festival, orchestrated by BoomBapClicke, took over The National Museum on August 12th. The event celebrated the diverse facets of Hip Hop, providing a melting pot for artists, fans, and thinkers alike. Hosts Corine Onyango and BvAccurate seamlessly guided attendees through an enthralling day of artistry, discussions, and camaraderie.

DJs like Jone, Kace, Quebeatz, and others took the audience on an auditory journey that spanned decades of hip hop innovation. But the festival was not confined to the stage; it explored the genre’s roots and societal impact through engaging panel discussions. Fanisi Music Founder Dr. Ngala Chome led a conversation with Collo, LNess, and DJ Shock, delving into the history of Hip Hop and its role as a cultural phenomenon.

Delving deeper into the cultural narrative, the ‘Back-2-Basics’ podcast recording focused on ‘Hip-hop Journalism In Kenya And Its Contribution To Urban Pop Culture.’ Rappers Monski and Shukid shared their perspectives, shedding light on the symbiotic relationship between hip hop and media.

Visual elements flourished with live graffiti painting and dance performances by Dance Mtaani’s break dancers. The ‘Rhyme + Reason’ cypher, featuring rappers Oksyde and Qwaroo, and beatboxers Checkmate, Bobbydash, and Williwam, showcased the raw energy and creativity of the genre.

Both events celebrated Hip Hop’s journey and its influence on culture.’s presence affirmed its commitment to supporting African music and artists, and to providing platforms for authentic artistic expressions.

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