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“Please Return My 2,800 With Interest” Speed Darlington Calls Out Lady Following Failure To Visit Despite Sending Her Transport Fare


Speedy Darlington has called out a lady for failing to visit him after send her 2800 for transport.

Singer Speedy Darlington has a history of making it to the trends table, and this time he’s back for an unexpected reason.

Speedy Darlington is dragging a lady named Blessing Victoria Nwachukwu after she failed to show up to his house after he sent her transportation money.

He can be heard yelling out the girl’s name and threatening her to return the $2000 transport he provided her in the footage, which has now gone viral.

“Return my 2800 transport which is now 3100 because of interest”

He also shared a photo of the girl plus their WhatsApp chat.

Speedy Darlington is also seen requesting for his money in the WhatsApp chat as the girl promised to pay it back to him immediately if he removes her face from his page which he conceded to.

reacting to the post:

One chyomsss had this to say;

“As much as i like his cruise and how he makes people laugh. I hate how he always s+xualize women. So, cringe”

One director martins had this to say;

“Remove s+x from a relationship & you’ll discover that a lot of wom€n have nothing to offer.

Remove money as well, you’ll realise that a lot of them will find no reason to be in the relationship.

Clitto-currency is the name of the game.”

One wendy_adamma had this to say;

“How person go collect money from speedy and no go meet up to agreement? Speedy wey dey draggggg palmpay”

One peter_smart01 had this to say;

“That guy na compound fool… I hope he has enough reserve because his old age might be really lonely”

One priscillia_oluchi_ had this to say;

“God abeg! Akpi wey don sell em shame since, You don go chop food meant for the gods.”

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