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Seven Ministers Whose Portfolios Caught Nigerians By Surprise

The list of President Bola Tinubu’s ministerial nominees was released recently.

Based on the profile of the men and women President Bola Tinubu assembled as his ministerial nominees, Nigerians could speculate the ministries that may be assigned to some of the appointees.

Adedayo Adelabu – Minister of Power

Anyone who had seen the CV of Adebayo Adelabu before his appointment would have concluded that, with his lofty career in banking and finance and wealth of experience at the Central Bank of Nigeria, he would be a good fit for the Ministry of Finance or Trade and Investment.

But that’s not where the President wants him to apply his knowledge and experience. Adelabu is Nigeria’s incoming Minister of Power and we’ll have to wait to see what he has to offer.

Dele Alake – Minister of Solid Minerals Development

If Nigerians had the right to pick a ministry for Dele Alake, the bulk of them would most likely give him the Ministry of Information because that’s his forte.

As a veteran journalist, Alake served as Commissioner for Information and Strategy in Lagos State between 1999 and 2007 when Tinubu was governor of the state.

He has held other positions that put him in charge of information management. Surprisingly, the President appointed him as Minister of Solid Minerals Development and Nigerians are still scratching their heads to understand his motive.

Lola Ade-John – Minister of Tourism

Lola Ade-John is a seasoned Information and Technology expert with years of experience in the banking industry.

Due to her profile, the Senate during her screening tailored all their questions towards banking and information technology with the mindset that she would end up in either of the two, but President Tinubu decided to deploy her in the Ministry of Tourism.

Festus Keyamo – Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development

Whether Festus Keyamo’s ministerial appointment was an afterthought or not is no longer the issue, but Nigerians did not envisage that the former Minister of State for Labour and Employment would be the next Minister of Aviation.

Aviation is a sensitive ministry and since Keyamo, a lawyer by profession is the President’s choice to man the ministry, it remains to be seen what he’ll do to rejuvenate the sector.

Abubakar Momoh – Minister of Youth

Having a 63-year-old man as a minister of youth is one of the major flaws and surprises of President Tinubu’s ministerial appointments.

Abubakar is a career politician whose political relevance would be elevated by his position as the Minister of Youth, but what he has for the youth is what the youth will have to wait to find out in the next three years.

Nyesom Wike – Minister of Federal Capital Territory

It is expected that with the energy Nyesom Wike indirectly invested in Tinubu’s presidential campaigns, it is not surprising that he gets a ministerial appointment.

Nigerians expected Wike to be assigned to the Ministry of Niger Delta, surprisingly, Wike got the ministry no one envisage he would supervise.

Bello Matawalle – Minister of State for Defence

As Nigeria continues the fight against terrorism, it is expected of the President to consolidate the efforts with the appointment of a credible nominee for the Ministry of Defence. Sadly, the president picked an ex-governor, whose administration in Zamfara failed to tame banditry and other criminal activities in the state.

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