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BREAKING: Tribunal rejects EU’s report on presidential election tendered by Obi, LP

A copy of the report from the most recent presidential election, submitted by Peter Obi and the Labour Party (LP), has been removed from the Presidential Election Petition Court’s (PEPC) archives.

The court determined that the petitioners had got the document from its register, which had been verified by staff members who were not the ones who had originally possessed the EU mission’s prepared copy.

Recall that the actual copy of the report was earlier tendered by Atiku Abubakar and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) while prosecuting their petition before the court.

The court also rejected the 18088 blurred results sheets tendered by the petitioners on the grounds that they were not tied to any polling units to which the results related, which the petitioners failed to specify in their petition.

The court held that the petitioners lied that they could not identify the polling units because the result sheets were blurred. It noted that one of the same petitioners’ witnesses actually produced a report in which he analysed the same results, which he claimed to have sourced from INEC’s results viewing platform.

It further noted that having admitted that its agents signed for and collected copies of the result sheets, the petitioners cannot claim not to know the polling units affected, but merely chose not to specify the polling units in their petition.

More details to follow…

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