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Heavy Turnout Of Media Practitioners As Youngest Presidential Candidate, Prof Imumolen Clocks 40

It was a gathering of middle and top executives of media organizations as Prof. Chris Imomulen, the presidential candidate of Accord Party in the 2023 election marked his birthday with a dinner. 

He is considered one of youngest presidential candidates in the history of Nigeria. 

Among those at the event in Abuja on Sunday include, renowned Abuja PR Expert, Alex Nwankwo, Famous Abuja Comedian, Mr. Odeh, Director of News, Leadership Newspaper, Solomon Nda Isaiah, Friday Olokor of Punch News, Godson Ikpontu of State Press, and amongst others.

Speaking at the event, Prof. Imumolen while expressing gratitude to God for leading him thus far in life said Nigeria will be better and stronger again. 

He acknowledged the recent appointment of youths into the administration of President Bola Tinubu and described it as a dream coming through. 

He noted that it has been the objective of his political vision to see more young persons in the administrative structure of the country. 

While applauding President Tinubu, Prof. Imumolen said it reflects Nigerian leader's commitment to empowering young Nigerians and promoting youth inclusion in governance.

said: "Part of what we fought for was youth inclusion in governance, you know, during the last election, I was the only youth in that race, forget about what the speculation was by calculation or by global definition of youth. Once you are going to the age of 50 you are no longer a youth. I was the only person below that age. So, even those persons that were shouting obedient, obedient was not a youth. 

"I was the youngest in that race and what I was trying to drive at is that the youths need to be included. What is needed to drive our country to the next destination is what the youths carry. The youths of this nation are tired of being used and being dumped. The youth of this country is tired of not being included in the political calculation and narration of this country. 

"So, if you look at the appointment coming up now, I can tell you 85 to 90% of appointments are youths and it is so laudable and it is so encouraging. I love it and that was what we fought for. If that is what we can achieve, believe me, I can tell you that I am the president of this country. It is not about me. It's about Nigerian youths. We are the ones that carry the technical knowledge to solve our problems."



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