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“I am senior to Pete Edochie in Nollywood” – Kanayo O Kanayo (VIDEO)

Kanayo O. Kanayo, a veteran Nollywood actor, has revealed that he was a part of Nollywood before his colleague, Pete Edochie. A distinguished member of Nigeria’s film industry, a man named Kanayo O Kanayo and outspokenly insisting that he was superior to an admired colleague Pete Edochie has stirred controversy on the Internet lately.

Kanayo O Kanayo’s assertion during a recent interview with Afia Television that people of his caliber, like Pete Edochie and others, should not be forgotten about the Nollywood history is very clear.

Investigating the records, the 61 year old actor insisted that there was no way to disprove Kenneth Nnebue’s groundbreaking work from the 1990s. In 1992, he highlighted Nnebue’s important contribution as the pioneer director of professionally produced home videos. Kanayo went on to say that he and other Nigerian actors who had been part of the 1992–1993 Nigeria drama thriller movie Living in Bondage, were some of the first ones to enter Nollywood as a true professional.

The renowned 1971 Nigerian film “Things Fall Apart,” which starred the esteemed Pete Edochie, was a cinematic project, according to Kanayo, and not a home video production. The renowned actor declared that he is ready to refute any claims that Pete Edochie founded Nollywood before him, including those made by his colleagues.

Pete may have started his career in film before him, but Edochie joined Nollywood formally four years after he did, according to Kanayo, emphasizing that this distinction is not based on biological age. He said he was in the world of Nollywood with an advantage over Pete Edochie.

watch video below:

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