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“I’ll never be part of money ritual” – Kanayo O. Kanayo


 Kanayo O Kanayo explains why he would never get himself involved in money ritual, despite being famous for his ritual roles in movies.

The actor cum lawyer emphasized that he can never be part of the occultic act of ritual because it is not ‘good’.

He clarified, while speaking in an interview with with Afia TV, that the name ‘Nnanyi Sacrifice’ was first mentioned by someone at Obi Cubana mom’s burial and he ensure to reject it on the spot.

Kanayo said that the name had stuck since then, but he doesn’t care so long as people are paying his cheque.

He said …

“Money ritual is not good and will never be good. I will never be part of it and have never been part of it. When you hear somebody call me ‘Nnanyi Sacrifice,’ it was just the name somebody called me during Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial.

“One thing about names is that immediately you start rejecting it, it sticks. Call me any name you like, but pay me my cheque. If we listen to the message, we will change the society more. I am just a vessel.”

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