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Just in: PEPT declares APC’s petition challenging Obi’s LP membership incompetent


The Presidential Election Petitions Court has declared the All Progressives Congress (APC)’s petition challenging Peter Obi’s membership in the Labour Party (LP) as incompetent.

The Court’s decision, delivered by Justice Abba Mohammed, underscored the principle that membership in a political party is an internal matter and not subject to external legal challenges.

The case in question had revolved around APC’s challenge to Peter Obi’s purported membership in the LP, a matter that had generated considerable attention in political circles

Justice Abba Mohammed, in delivering the ruling, emphasized the importance of recognizing the internal affairs of political parties. He asserted that disputes over party membership and affiliations should be addressed through the parties’ internal mechanisms and not through the courts.

The decision to declare the petition incompetent serves as a significant legal precedent, affirming the autonomy of political parties in managing their internal affairs. It reiterates the principle that the judiciary should refrain from interfering in matters that fall within the purview of political parties’ organizational structures.

While this ruling represents a resolution to the specific case brought by APC, its implications extend beyond this particular dispute. It reinforces the boundaries between legal jurisdictions and political party governance, which can have implications for similar cases in the future.

As Nigeria’s political landscape continues to evolve, legal rulings like this one shape the contours of the relationship between political parties and the judiciary. This decision underscores the need for parties to address internal matters internally, leaving the courts to adjudicate on issues within their legal purview.

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