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Nigeria's leading Funeral undertaker,Dr Kevin Chukwumobi (Apams) unveils his16th office/regional Headquarters

Nigeria's leading Undertaker ,Dr. Kevin Chukwumobi,CEO Apams Funerals Ltd has opened his regional office in Umuahia marking its 16th office in the country. The expansion according to Dr Chukwumobi represents the commitment to providing quality funeral services throughout Nigeria.

The new regional office according to Dr. Chukwumobi aims to cater to the funeral needs of customers around Umuahia offering a range of funeral packages and services. With a team of professional funeral directors and staff, Apams ensures that each funeral arrangement is handled with utmost care and sensitivity.

In his narration on how he started ,Dr Chukwumobi shared a touching story how he grew up in Umuahia. He stated that large part of his childhood was at Umuahia,even as an ex- seminarian and that explained his emotional connection to the city and the reason he initially mulled setting up the headquarter of his company at Umuahia before moving it to Onitsha.

On his business journey, he confirmed to the amazement of everybody that it was not all rosy for him ab initio and recounted how he branched off from pharmaceuticals into the vision of carrying dead bodies. 

"The journey to where we are has not been without its challenges. We did not start as a big company with high profile clientele. We started little and I even drove hearse for more than 7 years before I started employing drivers",He said.

Apams boss, who has sustained the tradition of unveiling a new office at his birthday was excited about the way his Umuahia office which started as a small contact centre has blossomed into one of the most performing branches and commended the head of the branch,Miss Oge for putting up great effort in making Umuahia one of the best performing branches. For a job well done,he promoted Oge to the position of a regional manager with full paraphernalia of the office.

"You have done very well . You may not be perfect but your effort here has paid off. You met here just as a contact centre and now through your effort it is a regional centre"

The new regional manager ,Miss Oge who was elated all through the event assured Dr Chukwumobi of her resolve to continue to work harder in other to make the regional branch one of the best branches. Part of the event was putting the regional through what it entail to manage an expansive office by other senior officials of the organization. 

Highlight of the occasion was the cutting of ribbon to officially open the regional office by Rev father Leonard Kalu,Director, Umuahia Diocesan Catholic Mortuary,Umuahia,Abia State. There was dance performance by the Apams brass band team.

The event was attended by the Executive Director, Apams Funerals Ltd, Lady Nkem Chukwumobi, senior Staff of the company from across the country and members of the host Community.

Apams has been a trusted name in the funeral industry for many years, providing comprehensive funeral services that meet the cultural and religious preferences of diverse communities in Nigeria. The company's consistent growth and expansion signify its success in meeting the needs and expectations of grieving families.

By strategically positioning its offices across Nigeria, Apams ensures accessibility and convenience for customers in various regions of the country. The regional office will serve as a hub for funeral arrangements, body transportation, and other essential funeral services.

Apams' commitment to professionalism, compassion, and attention to detail has earned the company a strong reputation in the industry. The opening of the new regional office reinforces its dedication to delivering exceptional funeral services to communities across Nigeria.

With its extensive network of offices and experienced team, Apams continues to set the standard for funeral services in Nigeria. The company's growth and expansion reflect its continuous efforts to improve and cater to the evolving needs of grieving families.

As Apams continues to expand its presence in Nigeria, it remains focused on providing quality funeral services and supporting families during their time of grief. The opening of the Umuahia regional office is yet another step towards achieving this goal and solidifying Apams' position as Nigeria's foremost funeral undertaker.

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