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PMAN GOVERNORSHIP!!! Romeo Nyamatsa, Sydney Sparrow Lock Horns As FCT PMAN Elects New Leadership


Arrangements have been concluded for the election of new EXCO for Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) FCT chapter with two front runners for office of the governor getting set to test their popularity.

They are, Benue-born entertainer Romeo Terhile and his co-contestant, Sparrow.

The election is scheduled to hold on September 12 and is the first in a long time, an effort targeted to revive the FCT chapter of PMAN.

A popular musician, Dovie Mena (Baba 2010)

has for some time been the sole administrator of the chapter, even though not much has been heard about the activities of his office.

Romeo Terhile Nyamatsa whose running mate was formerly Angel Twani but recently changed to Precious Chinyere Emehelu has vowed to transform the FCT chapter of the body if elected the governor. 

Born in Logo LGA of Benue in 1989, Romeo is the CEO of Frontline14 Entertainment an indigenous Entertainment company. 

He said his aim, along with his running mate is to leave behind, a PMAN that will for all-time, cater sustainably to the actual and aspirational needs of everyone whose interest is situated no matter how subliminal within the FCT music constituency. 

His manifesto partly reads, "To achieve our legacy intentions for PMAN FCT chapter, a central recognized PMAN secretariat is long overdue to manage the interest of PMAN in Nigeria’s Federal Capital City.

"Anyone in all the six (6) Area Councils of the FCT who is not a registered member of PMAN, but whose primary constituency is music, will be tracked using promotional impact vehicles and encouraged to take advantage of the governance structures within PMAN, to actualize their musical aspirations.

"We will work round the clock, to grow a PMAN that can interface productively with government and private sector interests in the FCT for the interest of PMAN, until PMAN FCT chapter becomes synonymous with excellence in the music and creative services industry.

"The dreams of our founding forebears, was to build a body of musicians who will be relevant, recognized and valued for their invaluable contribution to the coherence of society at large. 

"It is our earnest and humble intention to drive the administration of PMAN interests in the FCT, to enviable heights, leaving a functional PMAN behind, for succeeding PMAN administrations in the FCT chapter."

Sparrow has Kaycee Kline as his running mate and is very active in the showbiz industry.

He is a live band specialist who is also into music and movies production.

He has remained consistent and one of the most sought-afters in Abuja in matters concerning live band.

He enjoys a grassroot support among artistes in Abuja and beyond and not long ago got married to popular OAP, Adaora Onyechere of AIT.

His running mate Kaycee Kline is one of the managers of Blake Excellence Resort, a live band artiste who has also made a name for himself in the industry.

His manifesto covers the issues of Musicians residing in Abuja and bridging the gap between the association , stakeholders and government, bringing visibility to the budding talents of musicians within the FCT and help develop their talents and curating the works of musician , build a data driven musicology of all Abuja based musicians for Archival documentation and historical reference . 

Highlighting most critical areas of intervention if elected, he said, "PMAN FCT secretariat( For over 20 years PMAN has been unable to have an official functional space for the convergence of artistes and meetings)

"The Need to expand visibility through deliberate partnerships with the FCT as a major stakeholder.

"The Consideration for a synchronized welfare system for struggling artistes. 

"To generate viable interventions to help and support revenue generation for Musicians in the FCT especially Host communities and indigenes who are musicians within the FCT. 

"To work effectively to collaborate with the National to promote the mandate of PMAN

"To build A PMAN that resonates and accommodates the interest of all music groups, talents, personalities and genres.

"To support The FCT administration using PMAN as partners to promote the activities of the FCT administration." 

Analysts have said it would be a keenly contested exercise with the groundswell of interest it is currently generating.

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