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Sam Larry Is The Father Of Mohbad’s Son – Kemi Olunloyo (video)


In a shocking turn of events, investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo has reported significant breakthroughs in the ongoing investigation into the case of the late Nigerian musician, Mohbad. Olunloyo’s revelations, shared on her Facebook page, have ignited a firestorm of intrigue and controversy.

The investigative journalist’s report centers on a multitude of perplexing questions surrounding Mohbad’s untimely demise and the individuals allegedly involved. Among the most startling claims in Olunloyo’s report is the assertion that Sam Larry is said to be the father of Mohbad’s son. This revelation has the potential to dramatically alter the trajectory of the case, as inheritance and financial assets come into play.

Key questions raised in Olunloyo’s report include:

1. Motive for Mohbad’s Death: The investigative journalist has called into question the motive behind Mohbad’s tragic death. She insinuates that there may have been a conspiracy to eliminate Mohbad and transfer his music assets to the baby and wife who allegedly betrayed him.

2. Location of Mohbad’s Phones: Olunloyo queries the whereabouts of Mohbad’s phones, which were last seen with an individual named Wunmi after he was transported to and from the hospital.

3. Method of Mohbad’s Alleged Murder: The report suggests that Mohbad may have been buried alive and injected with Midolazam, a long-acting benzodiazepine that rendered him unconscious before possible strangulation. The condition of his neck in the coffin is cited as evidence.

4. Naira Marley’s Silence: Olunloyo questions Naira Marley’s silence regarding a DNA test allegedly done in Dubai, hinting that he possesses a copy of the results.

5. Sam Larry’s Involvement: The report delves into the conflict between Sam Larry and Mohbad over the custody of the child. It raises questions about why Mohbad refused to hand over the child to Sam Larry.

6. Threats from Wunmi’s Family: Olunloyo mentions threats of a N300 million lawsuit against VDBM (which remains unspecified in the report), further adding to the intrigue.

7. Cubana Chiefpriest’s Monetary Transactions: The report questions why Cubana Chiefpriest gave Mohbad’s father N4 million shortly before the musician’s suspected murder, raising doubts about the accuracy of Chiefpriest’s public statements regarding the donation.

8. Sanusi’s Involvement: The report points to an individual known as Sanusi, described as a Dubai-based crypto yahoo boy, who was closely associated with Mohbad before and after his death. Sanusi’s presence in various significant moments of the case has drawn attention.

Kemi Olunloyo, who identifies herself as an investigative journalist, has claimed to have submitted her findings to the Lagos State Police Command, hinting that her report may have far-reaching implications on the ongoing investigation into Mohbad’s death.

As these shocking revelations come to light, Nigerians and the global community await official responses from relevant authorities and parties involved in the case. The circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death remain highly convoluted and continue to captivate the public’s attention.


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