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Skyewise Group GMD, Abuyere Speaks At JPI Leadership Conference In Kigali


The Group Managing Director Skyewise Group, Dr. Elvis Abuyere has participated as at the 2023 annual leadership conference of the Jamie Pajoel International (JPI) in Kigali, Rwanda.

He featured along with author and business consultant, Emeka Nobis, CEO Imbula Consultancy Ltd. Lusaka Zambia, Inonge Imbula, CEO WIP Africa, Tade Cash and others as a panel speaker.

JPI Annual Leadership Conference is organised to assist experienced leaders and senior-level professionals in distilling solutions from global experts that will help them enhance their personal and organizational productivity.

This is largely predicated on the fact that Business world is increasingly becoming more competitive and dynamic, necessitating professionals to examine their leadership competencies to adapt and succeed. 

According to organisers, leadership positions now require individuals who can strategize effectively, act decisively, drive performance, cooperate successfully, and invent imaginatively.

The JPI Annual Leadership Conference in Kigali, Rwanda is focused on Organizational Leadership, Simplifying Processes, identifying underlying problems in Business and addressing ineffective Leadership practices, all of which can give rise to a dysfunctional system if not addressed. 

Jamie Pajoel International has hosted as well as participated in Leadership programs at Johns Hopkins University; Carey Business School, Baltimore, Maryland; African Union Headquarters, Ethiopia; U.S Embassy, Abuja, Nigeria and World Bank Summit, Washington DC, U.S.A

The 2023 edition which is 4th in the series took place from the 17th -20th of August 2023 at Marriot Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda.

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