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Tekno Faces Legal Action for Releasing Song Without Compensation to Original Writers and Collaborators


Lagos, Nigeria – In a shocking turn of events, Nigerian music sensation Tekno is facing a potential legal battle over an unreleased song that featured renowned guitarist Fiokee and rising star 1Dabanton. What initially appeared to be a promising collaboration has now soured as allegations of breach of contract have emerged.

The saga began when Fiokee, known for his exceptional guitar skills, and 1Dabanton, a rising talent in the Nigerian music scene, joined forces to create an unreleased track. Impressed with the song’s potential, Fiokee approached Tekno with the proposition of featuring him on the track, believing it could elevate the song to new heights.

Tekno, who is no stranger to successful collaborations, was immediately captivated by the song’s sound and lyrics. Instead of merely featuring on the track, he proposed a deal to purchase the song from Fiokee, 1Dabanton, and their team.

The song, which was written by Klem and 1Dabanton, saw DJ Coublon at the production helm, Fiokee lending his exceptional guitar skills, and Smathaudio overseeing the mixing and mastering process. All parties involved in the song’s creation eagerly agreed to Tekno’s proposal, sealing the deal.

However, the situation took a sour turn when Tekno unilaterally decided to release the song, titled “King Of Pop,” as the fifth track on his album without fulfilling the agreement to compensate the original creators and contributors. This unexpected move left Fiokee, 1Dabanton, Klem, DJ Coublon, and Smathaudio in a state of shock and disappointment.

In response to this breach of contract, Fiokee and his associates have decided to take legal action against Tekno to seek the compensation they believe they are owed. The musicians, songwriter, producer, guitarist, and audio engineer are pooling their resources and evidence to build a compelling case for the court.

This legal battle, if it proceeds, could have significant implications not only for the involved artists but also for the Nigerian music industry as a whole. It serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding contractual agreements and fair compensation in the music business.

As the case unfolds, fans and industry insiders will be closely watching to see how it progresses and whether it sets any precedents for future music collaborations and disputes within the Nigerian music scene. Tekno, Fiokee, 1Dabanton, Klem, DJ Coublon, and Smathaudio are all respected figures within the industry, and this legal showdown could potentially reshape how artists collaborate and protect their creative works in the future.

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