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Temmie Ovwasa opens up on alleged physical, sexual assault from Olamide


Nigerian singer, Temmie Ovwasa clarifies the ongoing controversy involving her former boss, Olamide, setting the record straight regarding allegations of assault.

The former YBNL princess emphasized that there were no instances of physical or sexual assault by Olamide and cautioned against the spread of false information.

Temmie elaborated that her grievances stemmed from Olamide’s negligent handling of her music career, the lack of structure within the label, her personal experiences with Olamide’s wife, and other related issues.

She disclosed the contents of her final message to Olamide before blocking him, expressing her dissatisfaction with the stipend he offered as a settlement upon terminating her contract.

Temmie Ovwasa explained that the money provided was insufficient to cover her living expenses or secure accommodation in Lagos.

In a lengthy Instagram story, she wrote;

“Again!! I want to make it clearrrrrr. Olamide did not assault me physically or sexually, he never even looked at me that way!!!!

Please don’t go about spreading stup!d lies! I’m talking about my music, the careless way he handled my music, the lack of structure in the label, the fact that they took my name and now I can’t change it. The people around him, and the experience I had with his wife in his house!

I’m saying he could have done better!! I no dey like on top people’s head!!!
Stop coming to my DMS asking about s3xual harassment! He did not do that!!!

What happened to you first artist you signed?
What happened to pelepele? He unlived himself?
The last message I sent before blocking you was that I won’t let this go even with your compensation, that might work for people that don’t know their worth!! You like to play games, I played it with you.

Compensating me for 5 wasted years with money that can’t pay rent and sort out my bills in Lagos. I was already traumatized before I met you, I really thought I was about to finally find freedom. You made it worse.
I’m crawling my way to the top and every step along the way I will stop to tell my story.

Omo oro ni mi, the only thing I fear is a life that’s unfulfilling.
If I lose my life at this point, I made it past the time I thought I’d love for so long. You went behind my back to talk about me knowing it will get me blackl!sted. I’m building something that transcends your industry, I promise you that one”.

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