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Woman Kills Her 65-Year-Old Husband With Pestle In Ondo


Mother of three, Mrs Tayelolu Solomon, has reportedly killed her 65-year-old husband, Felix Solomon, with a pestle in Ondo State.

According to the state-owned newspaper, the incident occurred at GRA in Ondo town at the weekend.

It was gathered that the couple had been having a lingering crisis and the woman had threatened to kill him.

According to the son of the deceased, Ibukun Solomon who witnessed the incident, his mother killed his father in his sleep after a minor argument.

“My mother killed my father with a pestle in my presence and took to her heels. She used the pestle to hit his head when he was asleep,” he narrated.

Earlier on the fateful day, a minor argument had ensued between them that resulted in a fight. After the fight, my father went to lie on the chair and my mother hit his head with the pestle.

“He became unconscious in the process and fell down from where he was sleeping. My mother used the pestle to hit my father’s head three times and he later died

“When my mother saw that my father was already unconscious, she hid the pestle at the back of our house and ran away.

“I alerted some of the residents, who rushed my father to the hospital. But he later died. His corpse has been deposited at the morgue. My mother had three children for my father and I’m the last child.”

It was learnt that the deceased was on the floor of the house when the people of the community arrived at the scene. And they called the police for help. It was further gathered that the deceased had planned to report the woman to her family before she sent him to his grave.

A Member of the deceased’s family said they were making efforts to settle the incessant fight between the couple before tragedy struck.

The source revealed that was not the first time such face-off would occur between the couple and the family would settle it amicably.

“The woman had been threatening to kill her husband whenever they were fighting. And the deceased informed us about the threats. But we never knew she would carry out the act. But this time, she took laws into her own hands and killed our brother for nothing. She must be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.

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