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APC Roll Out Plans For One Party State, Uses Insiders In Labour Party Against Leadership

As Nigerians roll back themselves out of the pains bathed by INEC'S decision to gang up with the Security Machinery of Government, APC and PDP to disenfranchise voters from carrying out their legitimate and civic responsibility to decide who becomes their Governor, some cheap gist point social media platforms have already started off the criminal campaign for the one state party system planed by the leadership of Bola Tinubu as the supreme court's President of Nigeria against the wish of the people and constitution.

This is coming from the stables of some shameless disgruntled agitators who are pushing malicious lies to the media and have since been called out by the leadership as fake card-less unregistered elements who see themselves as by force members of labour party.

Our attention was drawn to the unguided reports on some freelance online media pages asking the leadership of the party to with immediate effect organize a national convention without following the order played down by the party constitution which is supreme.

After sighting the said publication, we got an exclusive interview with the leadership of the labour party where it officially states that the published dispraise the leadership of the party in a hidden agenda to take over the affairs of the party for personal gains and not for the good of the people.

Moving forward, we must look costly at the press statements by the authors which reveal a high level of inexperience and knowledge of the party's constitution, electoral act and the 1999 constitution of Nigeria.

The party leadership said the authors who pushed the said press statement did not even win the unit, ward or state in the just concluded Presidential election and do not know why they even have any rights to talk about the influence of the party in the first place. 

So we would have ordinarily ignored their statement but we decided to reply them in order to educate them and prevent them from spreading false information.

The authors of the story alleged to the facts that the labour party under the leadership of Barrister Julius Abure could not translate the support given by the people and the Obidients into success for the party.

This again shows clearly the ignorance of the authors, because this is the first time in the history of the party that the party is contesting and participating in the Presidential elections.
The party for the first time won 12 States in the presidential elections while the PDP equally had 12 States and the APC won 13 States .
The party today has a Governor, 34 Reps members, 8 senators and several members in the State houses of assembly under the able leadership of Barrister Julius Abure.
The party is now a third force political party in Nigeria after the massive rigging going by the INEC declared results.

The leadership of the party told our reporters that the authors of the news item on social media alleged that the party us a transactional party.
Again, this depicts a high level of ignorance about the party, meanwhile the current leadership of the party is committed to the growth and development of the party and is passionate about winning elections hence it has forcefully and openly rejected huge offers. 

Our reporters also gathered that the authors of the unprofessional freelance news items circulated online to discredit the image of the great leadership of the party stated that the leadership of the party distances itself from the owners of the party which is the NLC and the TUC.

It is again of importance to put on records that this is the first time that the labour party and the NLC will have a Smith and harmonious working relationship.

As part of the preparations for the 2023 general elections the labour party leadership under Julius Abure has a summit with the NLC, TUC and the labour party where they fashioned out the modalities as strategies for the 2023 general elections. 

The NLC and the TUC nominated over 50 members of the campaign council, the NLC and the TUC intact also nominated Quadre Olaleye the immediate past president of the TUC to serve as the director in charge of labour matters in the campaign council, the NLC participated in all the campaign activities across the hosted country.

Again the Immature news report authors alluded to the fact that money exchanged hands at the IMO state governorship primaries is pertinent put on record clearly that it is not in the knowledge of the party leadership that money exchanged hands.

The leadership of the party was passionate about having a free, fair, credible and competitive primaries devoid of influence of any godfather or party leader.

The IMO state primaries was described as one of the most credible and participatory primaries held in recent times by any political party in Nigeria because it was aired live by media houses, its competitiveness and transparency was equal to none.

Again, this same story authors claim that the most popular and credible aspirant in the primaries did not emerged as the winner. 
It's pertinent to point out that the same so called popular and credible aspirant referred to participated in the same said elections in IMO and came out almost last while our candidate came out third in spit of the fact that the results were manipulated, results sheets were written and filled with figures before voting started off place across the state.

Again, it will interest you the hear that the news item authors also said that the Bayelsa State governorship candidate alleged that party officials collected money for the incumbent governor and part of it was forwarded to the national.

Again the authors displayed w high level of ignorance as it relates to party activities and effective deseminations of information.

The party has since responded through its national publicity secretary on the allegation of money collected.

For the avoidance of though, the party leadership has stated clearly that it is committed to building the party hence it has rejected very huge offers or every inducement of whatever kind from any person or groups whatsoever.

This leadership have has cause to discipline and remove from office members who exhibit such characteristics.
You will recall that the rivers state executives of the party, one Anslam Eragbe the former national youth leader, Abayomi Arambabi the former national publicity secretary and many others have been disciplined and removed from office. 

The correspondent got a first hand information from the party leadership that the authors of the said news story equally indicated that the tenure of the current NWC have been terminated by a court order.

We again, take aback the loquacious and misleading statement.

We must state clearly that court judgements are not procured behinds the scene.
It is not to our knowledge that there is any court judgement as it relates to the tenure of office of any of the current national working committee members nor were we in any court with any person or group of persons on any matter pertaining to tenure of office of the NWC.

However, we wish to educate all the disgruntled elements disguising members of our great labour party that Article 13 B2 of our party constitution gives the national executive council the powers to fix the date, time and agenda for the national convention.
The NEC is equally vested with the powers and authority to extend the tenure of the national worked ng committee as seen on Article 13 2B item XVIXVIII.

You will recall that when the tenure of the current national working committee of the party expired in June 2023 the NEC intension stated clearly that it was inauspicious to hold a national convention having just concluded the general election and for the plural of court cases the NEC in section therefore extended the tenure of the current national working committee.

This is not the first time NEC would be extending the tenure of the national working committee, in 2013 when the tenor of the NWC expired the NEC extended the tenor to 2014, they can go and verify this information.
And again, in 2018 the NEC extended the tenure of the NWC to 2019, which they can also go and verify.

The news authors also alluded that the Edo state is Obedient and therefore the current NWC do not the competence to midwife Edo 2024 Guber elections. 

It must be stated clearly that Edo state is Obidient as a result of the hard work of the chairman of the party Barrister Julius Abure who have painstakingly projected the party and organised it that it became the envy of the Obedients, finding it credible and worthy to be proud of. 

Consequently, there is no other person who can midwife jealously lead the party to that election .

In conclusion, the labour party leadership puts a simply advise across to the authors of this malicious news item to look back to the history of the labour party on the sidelines of what the party was before and where it has been built to before trying to bring down a house already standing with a three corded foot not even the ruling APC can ever boost of as the peoples party.

The leadership of the labour party said finally to its detractors that It is better to be a good follower in order to to become a good leader tomorrow.

To us in the media we have looked out of the box to state that we can see a little leprous finger of the ruling APC in the actions taken by this new labour party group trying to takeover the party.

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