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Crown Prince of Benin set to sue Cynthia Morgan over accusation of witchcraft


HRH Ezelakhae Ewuare, The Crown Prince of Benin Kingdom has threatened lawsuit against singer, Cynthia Morgan over accusation of witchcraft.

Recall that Cynthia Morgan recounted her experience with her ex-lover, claiming that he had slapped her, battled her while she slept, and bewitched her among other things in an attempt to keep her from being married to someone else.

Morgan described how he caused her physical and spiritual frustration by heavily cursing him and promising he wouldn’t get away with it.

Most recently, the singer shared pictures of him on her Instagram story, stating that she had learned the hard way not to be too secretive or to shield a horrible person in the hopes that they would change.

The Crown Prince promised to take her to court in what appeared to be a reply to her allegations on his Instagram story. He said he was discussing suing the former singer with his attorneys.

On his Instagram story, he wrote: “Lawsuit in progress”.


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