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Tech cloud expert urges youths to adopt problem-solving approach to Create Wealth

An expert in cloud technology, Chinedum Ucheoma has urged the youths in Africa to explore approaches that solve identifiable problems in the society as a way to create wealth, saying the society is plagued with problems in search of solutions.

According to Chinedum who assists companies in Africa and Middle East to optimize their businesses using technology, wealth cannot be created without bringing solutions that people and businesses need in their daily activities.

Delivering a webinar lecture recently that centered on creativity, he harped on the need for young people in Africa to activate the creativity in them, think outside the box and exert their creative minds to achieve financial freedom.

He urged them to believe in themselves, with a mind that nothing is impossible. According to him, a lot of persons are limited by their minds despite having lofty ideas that have the potency to solve social and business problems, urging that they should stop thinking impossibility in their quest to offer solutions to create wealth.

"Try and listen to find out what exactly people are complaining about, then ask yourself ways you can offer solutions. If you are able to achieve this, it is value, and people will pay. That is how wealth is created, he said.

While urging them to always write their ideas down, he said such ideas irrespective of how simple they appear may be forgotten, noting that jotting them down refreshes the memory and keep such ideas alive even in years to come. "Always write things down because it makes it easier when you go back to think about them", he stated.

He also urged that youths should imbibe the idea of asking questions when in doubt to get a vast idea from various perspectives.

"No matter how good the idea is, you have to analyze it in order to be sure that it's worth your time and energy. Some times we have ideas that are so nice, but they can't be monetised. That is why you need to analyze and validate that such idea is worth executing."

"Ask yourself, what the competitive advantage you bring is? What are you bringing on board that is better than what has been existing?

Chinedum Ucheoma has over the years helped organisations achieve digital transformation, business efficiency and attain profitability by working consultatively and collaboratively with them to deploy the right fit technologies. He is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He's specialized in cloud technology, SaaS, payments/Fintech, business advisory, people management, operational management and business growth through digital transformation.

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