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Drama as man set to marry another woman after he allegedly threw his wife out because she refused to sell the land her mum gifted her


A post shared by a Twitter user @Madam_Ufuoma of a man named Collins who is set to marry a lady after allegedly throwing his wife out of the house because she refused to sell a land her mum gifted her.

He did not divorce his wife and has abandoned her with 3kids.

“Ladies and gentlemen,
His name is Collins and he threw his wife out of the house and he is about to remarry without properly divorcing his wife. He threw his wife out of the house because she refused to sell the plot of land her mother gifted her. He has also abandoned his 3kids.”

“Like I said, I need Nigerian women to start suing these bottom barrel b@stards for bigamy because they get away with too much and until y’all start teaching them some lessons, they won’t learn.”

“They get away with bigamy, they abandon their kids and crawl back years later to claim paternity, snap out of that “God will judge him” era, you be the judge, be his karma.”

The new to-be-bride begged the wife not to put the situation online.

Collins and his new bride

Some screenshots from his wife he threw out was shared to narrate the situation.

the new bride sent a message to the wife
mr collins

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