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Teenage Girls Open Up On Their Jaw-Dropping Body Counts (video)


Nollywood veterans Kevin Ikeduba and Rita Edochie, as well as other cybernauts, made remarks on a startling video in which three adolescent ladies reveal their body counts.

The interviewer questioned the girls wearing shorts and brassieres in the video if they were virgins, and they all said no.

When the interviewer asked about their body counts, they revealed some startling facts.

Starting with the first female, who claimed to be 19, she revealed her body count was 8, the second girl, who claimed to be 17, said 7, and the last girl admitted to have slept with 15 men.

Sharing the video, Kevin Ikeduba wrote:

“In other news…Who do you blame?i?if there is any, This page does not support any form of Violence 💯

Watch the video below:

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