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Imade Osawaru’s Vision For Nollywood: Calls On President Tinubu To Establish Film Villages Across Nigeria


In a recent interview, Nollywood actress, producer, and CEO of Mademonic Entertainment Production, Imade Osawaru, shared her aspirations for the Nigerian film industry and expressed what she would convey to President Bola Tinubu if given the opportunity


Building a Cinematic Legacy

Imade Osawaru’s vision revolves around establishing Film Villages in each of Nigeria’s six geo-political zones. She envisions these villages as cultural hubs, representing the diverse heritage of each region. According to her, having such Film Villages would facilitate a seamless portrayal of various cultural aspects in film productions.

In her statement, she proposed, “If I’m in Lagos, for instance, and I have a script that needs Hausa culture to be interpreted, I can easily go to a Film Village in any geopolitical zone in the North and get my film shot.” Recognizing the financial implications of such an endeavor, Osawaru suggests starting with one Film Village and progressively expanding to six, allowing for future administrations to continue the vision.

Professionalism in Acting

Beyond her vision for Nollywood, Imade Osawaru emphasized the importance of professionalism in the acting profession. She highlighted the significance of actors learning dialogues, having a strong memory, and staying well-informed. According to her, dedication, diligence, patience, and hard work are crucial attributes for actors. She also emphasized the need for actors to be imaginative, intelligent, confident, and adept at managing and marketing themselves.

Having made significant contributions to the industry with her participation in notable projects like “King of Kings,” “The Gate Man,” and her production company’s first feature movie, “Fatal Attraction,” Osawaru continues to leave her mark. Her latest works include movies such as “Indecisiveness,” “Paulo the Masseur,” and various skits gaining traction on social media.

As she envisions a brighter future for Nollywood, Imade Osawaru remains committed to promoting professionalism and excellence within the industry.

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