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Real Housewives of Potomac: Wendy osefo and Nneka ihim unfolding drama of egocentric demeanor

By Chris Onuoha

As the buzz, frenzy and intrigues of the dynamics of the Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP) trend and gain momentum among Nigerian viewers,  the most watched and exciting reality television talkshow by the American based BravoTv had continued to pull surprises on the Season 8 episodes with cast members' feuding.

#RHOP has been a formidable hub for lovers of the sitcom all female-cast gossip lounge centered among Maryland Potomac clout in the US, laced with influential women of substance in their different endeavors feuding, spilling and unraveling their different social issues in a manner that seem quite entertaining while revealing their peculiar challenges at their homes and private lives with no holds bar.

With the Potomac series running into the eighth edition, the show got more exciting with an inclusion of a new Nigerian diva, Nneka Ihim, seen by many as a newbie with alluring wand to change the social narratives of the Potomac housewives and also an addition to black-skinned Africans whose presence on the show brings a cultural dimension to the trend.

As a matter of special interest and attention by African viewers, Dr. Wendy Osefo's cold shoulder over inclusion of another fellow Nigerian, Nneka Ihim on the set created a buzz that almost tore the scene apart, especially with an early jibes over ego-centered comments, cultural differences and social supremacy. These also led to the dragging of both families dirty linen to the screen. However, it was also seen and embraced by Potomac as a kaleidoscope, but was frowned at, by Nigerian audience who were not enthused at Wendy's uncomely attitude towards a sister cast member and families threat of shrines.

Episode after episodes in season eight unravels more of intrigues, with the seemingly unending feuding among cast members. While Karen and Gizelle seem to dwell in amicable space, they are of two different minds when it comes to the direction of the show. As revealed by an observer, Karen has been on the verge of steering the Potomac ship back toward a standard conflict-discussion-resolution arc, while other cast members are attempting to establish seniority and authority over choice of favourite cast members fraternise. The ego supremacy among members of the crew seems to create an unhealthy rivalry and stilted storytelling line that has also engulfed Wendy's messy rift with Nneka as Wendy attempts to use her seniority to ice out Nneka.

According to Shamira Ibrahim's insight into episode eleven of the eighth season, she narrates how Karen had devised scheme on her big event to bring feuding members in a closet; the clear aim is to trap people who have lingering tensions on a four-hour Sprinter-van ride to southeast Virginia, perhaps, to look each other in the face with a permissive aura of resolving differences. 

However, the dynamics between Wendy and Nneka which has suddenly became iconic was not part of Karen's secret plot of close-knitting big event bonding. Shamira Ibrahim noted that while on the trip, Nneka does extend an olive branch, inviting everyone, including Wendy, to her new home, which Wendy cattily rebuffs, adding that the silent treatment in the Sprinter van voyage was an unbelievably immature tactic, that made all the more silly by Wendy’s struggle to relax on-camera.

"It would have been more interesting for Wendy to confront Nneka on why she would invite someone whose family she claims submitted hers to a shrine; that would amount to willingly inviting malevolent forces. Instead, we get a stilted exchange over a reheated lunch in which Wendy begins to launch into this clearly rehearsed lecture on how she is not interested in resolving this issue with Nneka, a stance that only hurts her. For better or worse, Nneka is aiming to build all of her own relationships with the cast; smoothing this situation over is in Wendy’s best interest as both she and Candiace have lost Robyn as an ally," the comment stated.

As the event unfolds, Wendy’s right to stand firm in the position that Nneka maligned her family, seems understandably well to outrightly rebuff the invite which is also seen as an unproductive stance when Wendy is losing solid footing on the show, instead, more of her scenes are one-offs, promoting her immediate family rotating business interests in a continued attempt to fill out her presence in the cast, that are not insightful enough to stimulating interest on the viewers.

Another interesting scenario is Wendy's awkward tactics to engage with Nneka on a seniority status; an egocentric demeanor that tends to dwindle her reputation on Potomac. To Nneka, her unassuming demeanor,  seems to stir more reactions as cast mates and viewers alike root for her continues presence and representation. The vulture magazine had stated that "Nneka’s house looks lovely, and we are getting more sides of her personality and sense of humor. It’s unfortunate it took so long into this season to get a picture of her that is outside of the fracas with Wendy."

Reviewing reactions trailing Nneka's rising profile on Potomac against her rift with Wendy, @Venicecalifornia85 stated, "I think this will be Wendy's last season, and production will keep Nneka because she is proving to be more interesting, more dynamic and willing to get the plot along. And I like Wendy, but she is not doing herself any favour."

Another X post by @ohchadwick stated, "Nneka is taking the high road, attempting to move forward, while Wendy refuse to budge, despite her mom starting the conflict by calling Lebe. I am on Team Nneka..."

The intensity of Wendy's recalcintrancy on Potomac,  draws attentions to other poll reactions that states; "Do you think Wendy deserves another season at Potomac with Nneka, with a 'NO' poll having 59 percent against a 'YES' 41 percent poll.

Perhaps,  it is interesting to note a comment from an iconic  cast member of Bravo television reality show, 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Tamara Judge, who was a cast member since 2008. Tamara, an American businesswoman and television personality was blunt in her website comment where she showed disgust to Wendy's unbecomings towards Nneka. She was disappointed in how Wendy Osefo is treating her Nigerian sister and budding cast member,  Nneka.

With the unfolding feels about the two Nigerians on a global entertainment  radar watch, Nneka is coming strong against all odds.

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