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Senator Ned Nwoko Advocates For De-dollarization In Nigeria As A Path To Economic Recovery & Stability


In the wake of current Nigeria's poor economic situation, de-dollarization has become inevitable. As a staunch advocate for Nigeria's economic development and sovereignty, Senator Ned Nwoko on the floor of the Nigerian Senate has articulated the need to reduce the country's dependence on foreign currencies, particularly the United States dollar, in favor of strengthening the domestic currency, the naira. His advocacy highlights the importance of de-dollarization as a crucial step towards achieving economic stability, financial resilience, and sustainable growth.

Over the years, the Nigerian naira has faced challenges such as inflationary pressures, currency devaluation, and exchange rate volatility, leading to a loss of confidence among citizens and businesses. In response, many Nigerians have sought refuge in the dollar as a store of value and medium of exchange, perpetuating a dual-currency system that undermines monetary policy effectiveness and hampers domestic economic development.

Senator Ned Nwoko's advocacy for de-dollarization is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the economic implications and imperatives facing Nigeria. He recognizes that the overreliance on the dollar not only limits the Central Bank of Nigeria's (CBN) ability to conduct monetary policy but also exposes the economy to external shocks and vulnerabilities. In advocating for de-dollarization, Senator Nwoko emphasizes the importance of regaining control over monetary sovereignty and exchange rate management, thereby empowering the CBN to pursue policies that support domestic economic objectives and safeguard financial stability.

Furthermore, by promoting the use of the naira in everyday transactions and encouraging domestic savings and investment, de-dollarization can foster the deepening of financial markets, expand access to single digit interest loans and catalyze job creation.

As Nigeria continues its journey towards economic transformation and prosperity, Senator Ned Nwoko's advocacy for de-dollarization serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. By championing policies and initiatives that strengthen the naira, promote financial inclusion, and safeguard economic sovereignty, Senator Nwoko embodies a vision of a prosperous and self-reliant Nigeria, where the domestic currency reigns supreme, and the nation's economic destiny is firmly in its hands.

Authored by;

Chuks Anyaduba

Special Assistant to Sen. Ned Nwoko on Policy & Development

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