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Sun Newspaper Awards: Chris Ndubuisi and Ken Ifekudu-The Real Big guys With Stuff

The Sun newspaper’s award ceremony this year has proven to be extraordinary . Amongst the deserving recipients, two exceptional men stood out; High Chief Dr. Christopher Ndubuisi (Ikenga Umuawulu), Chairman of Pinnatech Group, and Super High Chief Ken Ifekudu OFR, Chairman of Diamond Leeds Ltd. They have been able to bring an abundance of color,class and glory to the event. In fact, someone remarked that they were more fitting for the Man of the Year title. Their presence not only stole the show, numerous goodwill messages from their allies flooded the pages of the Sun newspaper. Even the esteemed presence of Peter Obi, the electrifying Labor Party Presidential candidate in the last general election, could not overshadow them. It seemed as though the event was solely dedicated to them.

These are two respected entrepreneurs from Anambra, who have sojourned in Abuja where they have gained significant recognition for all the right reasons. They have successfully conquered their industry from scratch and now find themselves in partnership with the country’s most powerful figures. Recently, their endeavors have been rewarded with accolades. High Chief Christopher Ndubuisi was awarded a doctorate degree, while Chief Ken Ifekudu received the prestigious OFR honor from the federal government. These are just a few of the many achievements under their belt.

Not only have they achieved remarkable success in their entrepreneurial ventures, but they have also uplifted numerous lives through their benevolence. Although they may not be the wealthiest individuals of Igbo descent residing in Abuja, their impact on people’s lives sets them apart.

These extraordinary men have not only accumulated wealth, but have also made a profound difference in their home state of Anambra. People are astonished by the level of development they have brought to their respective villages, Umuawulu and Ozubulu. They have generously provided boreholes, constructed roads, established tuition-free schools, places of worship, and even offered seed money to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, they have cultivated a network of empowered individuals who, in turn, replicate their philanthropic efforts within their own communities.

This is precisely why High Chief (Dr) Christopher Ndubuisi (Ikenga Umuawulu) and Super High Chief Ken Ifekudu OFR (Agbalanze Onyekachukwu na Ozubulu) form an exceptional duo. Their invaluable contributions to infrastructure development and empowerment have essentially transformed them into mobile local governments within their communities.

Their journey, which began from humble beginnings, constructing a thriving business empire from nothing, is one that demands great admiration. Their titles as Investor of the Year and Businessman of the Year are well-deserved, given the extraordinary foundations they have built and the remarkable progress they have made.

They are the real big guys with stuff. They have not only showcased how to accumulate wealth, but also how to add value to people’s lives.

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