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VIDEO: Buhari destroyed Nigeria, handed over bad economy to Tinubu – Sunday Igboho


Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Igboho, on Friday accused former President Muhammadu Buhari of destroying the Nigerian economy.

Igboho said Buhari handed over a bad economy to President Bola Tinubu.

Addressing his followers in Oyo State, the freedom fighter insisted that Tinubu is not responsible for the hardship in the country.

Speaking in Yoruba, Igboho urged Yorubas to unite and liberate the Southwest from armed Fulani herders.

He said, “Tinubu didn’t destroy the government; my pain with Yorubas is that while Buhari was in power, I was shouting that we should unite and free ourselves from this suffering. Buhari has nothing to offer us.

“I said we should divide from Fulani because one Nigeria can’t work but they refused to listen to me. Buhari now handed over a government he had destroyed to Tinubu.

“Now some Yorubas are crying that they are hungry, have you seen Igbos crying? They have sent all Fulanis out of their lands and they are farming, doing what they want with their lands.

“Why can’t Yorubas unite and liberate the Southwest from Fulanis so that our fathers and mothers can return to their farmlands?”

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