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Behold Two Books That Help You Tap In Multi-billion Dollar Digital World [Must Read]


In a world where technology is fast becoming the new oil well across the globe, changing the conventional way of conducting our routine activities and creating an army of financially independent young men and women, the onus is on forward-looking and individuals to join this moving train of innovation to carve a niche for themselves in the ever evolving and dynamic world of technology. 

It is on this premise that a renowned ICT expert with over 18 years of experience and an astute "Glocal" businessman JohnBull N. Igwe has taken the gauntlet to simplify in most easy and reader-friendly languages step-by-step practical approach towards towards unlocking the multi-billion dollar potentials in the world of information and communication technology. 

His two books, “The Gen Zers: The World at Your Fingertips” and “Comprehensive Digital Marketing Guidebook: An Effective, Hands-on Digital Marketing Marketing Strategy” are deeply researched masterpieces, laced with experience that has spanned for nearly two decades, providing an elixir for individuals to discover and rediscover their very essence of existence in a world of technology with endless opportunities. 

While the former is a capsule of solution that rivets the overview of the Gen Z attitude, demystifying internet jagons, assisting them to discover how to maximize and effectively navigate the digital world, and make massive fortunes through dollar earnings, the later seeks to unlock the secrets to mastering the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape among business owners and top brand executives to avail them the opportunity of always standing out with unprecedented visibility. 

The author of both electronic books is a Digital Marketing Professional who currently serves as the managing director and CEO of Digito International Limited. 

Both books are must-read for anyone wishing to have a robustly shaped future in the world internet of things and ICT in general.

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