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Darlington Nwabunike: Meet the 'king of Billionaires'and President, De Imperial Philanthropic Family.


High Chief Dr. Sir Darlington Nwabunike undeniably stands tall as one of the most promising and inspiring leaders the Igbo people can proudly boast of in the 21st century. His influence and charisma is just out of this world. 

A successful entrepreneur, he is the CEO of St Buniks Group of Companies .

Apart, from being a dab hand in business, he possesses that spark that differentiates him from the rest. 

Darlington has been a high ranking member of several prestigious clubs in Nigeria including the highly esteemed People's club, De Great Ambassadors Int'l Club,All 4 One Club, but his mind at all times brims with ideas on how he can redefine the narrative about social organizations. He understands that while fostering social connections amongst people is commendable, a truly exceptional club should transcend mere socialization.

Embarking on a transformative journey alongside his associates, Darlington Co-founded the illustrious De Imperial Philanthropic Family.  

Today, this exclusive club is adorned by no fewer than 250 Igbo billionaires.

Originally, membership fees were set at the princely sum of 10 million naira, a symbolic representation of the grand ambitions that lay ahead. However, in order to align with their monumental aspirations, the dues have been raised to a staggering 50 million naira. At present, the family proudly boasts over 250 esteemed members and a financial reserve surpassing multiple billions of Naira. 

 De Imperial Philanthropic Family radiates an aura of glamour and panache, leaving onlookers in awe at their opulent presence during events.

Manifesting an array of allurements, the family attracts entrepreneurs yearning to bask in its myriad advantages, which include unfettered access to business and social networking opportunities, among many others.

However, the members of De Imperial family do not only revel in the benefits bestowed upon them, they also harbor profound concerns for those who stand outside the family's prestigious gates. Their intervention in education, healthcare and in empowering aspiring entrepreneurs have given rise to comprehensive programs designed to foster the growth and development of Igboland.

According to the esteemed Darlington Nwabunike, an unrivaled leader and pioneer President, De Imperial philanthropic family who spearheads these transformative endeavors, these pursuits embody the true objectives he envisions. 

In a recent ground-shaking announcement, De Imperial philanthropic family, under his leadership unveiled a staggering 400 million naira worth of scholarships to 250 students in Anambra, Imo,Enugu,Ebonyi and Abia States to address an alarming surge in out-of School kids. This unparalleled scholarship program is distinct in that it offers support in various aspects of a student's education, ranging from tuition to uniforms, textbooks, and sustenance. 

The 400 million Naira endowment by the organization will equally cover the enrolment of over 1,000 indigent students of south-eastern Nigeria into Universities within the next six years.

For Darlington, this remarkable scholarship initiative merely represents a taste of the future, as the organization unfurls groundbreaking projects in the realms of information and communication technology (ICT) and business empowerment. These pioneering ventures will assuredly usher in a socio-economic revolution, transforming the very fabric of society.

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