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NAHCON raises 2024 Hajj by N1.9m, fixes date for deadline

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON, has asked pilgrims who registered for the 2024 Hajj before the previous deadline of February 12 to pay a balance of N1.9 million at the current currency rates.

On February 3, the commission set the 2024 Hajj ticket for intending pilgrims from the Southern departure center at N4.9 million.

NAHCON head Jalal Arabi stated in a statement that it had achieved large reductions from Saudi service providers to cut the cost of pilgrimage for intending pilgrims.

“The cost of the 2024 Hajj shot up to N6 million due to the volatile currency situation in Nigeria, but for the commission’s intervention by consolidating the gains achieved in lowering the cost of services. Consequently, intending pilgrims from Nigeria’s Southern centre are required to pay N4.8 million as Hajj fare.

“Those from the northern centre will pay N4.6 million for the Hajj, and pilgrims from Yola and Maiduguri centre will pay a fee of N4.6 million for the 2024 Hajj. This is the will of Allah because the commission, facing a tight deadline of February 25, has limited time to explore further options to remain within the range of N4.5 million, which it assiduously worked for,” Mr Arabi said.

The commission, however, said that the new forex policy would unexpectedly increase the cost of the Hajj for Nigerian pilgrims.

The commission said that despite intending pilgrims paying N4.9 million, depending on the departure zone as approved by the government, they had to pay a balance of N1,9 million.

“Intending pilgrims that still wish to participate in the 2024 Hajj are by this release, advised to proceed and pay a balance of N1 million latest by 11:59 p.m. of March 28. The commission will shut down its system by March 29 and no other payment would be accommodated after,” Mr Arabi stated.

He added, “Affected pilgrims are advised to visit their respective state pilgrims boards to confirm their status.”

The commission said any new registration for the 2024 Hajj from March 24 would attract N8.2 million from the Adamawa-Borno axis. It stressed that fresh depositors from the North will pay N8.2 million, whereas fresh payments from the Southern zone will attract N8.4 million as Hajj fare. All categories are to pay within the same deadline.

While the commission regrets the short notice, it has become inevitable due to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah’s stern warning to Nigeria regarding the delay in adhering to the Hajj arrangement framework.



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