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Real reason I became transgender — Bobrisky

Okuneye Olanrewaju, popularly known as Bobrisky, has opened up about his journey to embracing transgender identity.

In a recent interview with Charly Boy, Bobrisky shared that while studying accounting at the University of Lagos, he ventured into selling unisex clothes as a side hustle.

Experimenting with female clothing while marketing his merchandise, he found himself drawn to the outfits and gradually began incorporating them into his personal style.

“About nine years ago, I was at the University of Lagos studying Accounting. I also had a side hustle; I was selling unisex clothes. Most times I try the female clothes on myself and I love the outfits,” Bobrisky recounted.

As more women started patronising his business, Bobrisky expanded his crossdressing endeavours to include female hairstyles and makeup.

Encouraged by positive feedback on his appearance as a woman, he decided to continue cross-dressing, initially as a marketing strategy.

“I wasn’t thinking I was going to do it for a very long time. Initially, it was just a marketing strategy but people were complimenting me that I look better as a woman than a man. That’s how I ended up being Bobrisky,” he explained.


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