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Senegal’s former PM, Amadou Ba, concedes defeat, congratulates Bassirou Faye

Ahead of the official pronouncement of the winner in Senegal’s presidential election, ruling coalition candidate and former Prime Minister Amadou Ba congratulated the leading opposition candidate, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, on his victory.

The 44-year-old Faye’s triumph is expected to alter the political landscape of one of Africa’s fastest growing countries, which is known for its democratic stability.

Faye, a political rookie and former tax inspector, was imprisoned only 10 days ago on what his supporters believed were politically driven accusations, is on the path to an unexpected first-round victory over government-favored Amadou Ba.

The country’s electoral body, the Autonomous National Electoral Commission has not made an official declaration, however, results coming in the end of voting on Sunday evening puts Faye in the lead of the first round of a delayed presidential election.

Supporters of the opposition candidate have trooped to the streets in Dakar in celebration of the victory as local media announce the voting trends.

The official election results are anticipated by the end of the week, with a clear majority required to avoid a second-round vote.

Faye has captivated voters with promises of significant change, advocating for left-wing pan-Africanism, sovereignty restoration, and a fair distribution of wealth.

His campaign has been buoyed by provisional results from polling stations and widespread support on social media and local media outlets.

Earlier, in a show of unity, seven presidential candidates have extended their congratulations to Faye ahead of Ba, citing his clear lead in the early vote count.

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