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Amid FCT Property Crisis, Eight Land Grabbers Arrested As FCTA Demolishes Houses In Abuja

Eight land grabers in the Abuja community have been arrested by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) as part of their determined action against land encroachment and illicit property acquisition in the Gosa District of Abuja.

Through a demolition exercise, almost 100 hectares of land were reclaimed from land grabers and encroachers in a concerted effort headed by the Department of Development Control.

Mukhtar Galadima, Director of Department Control, stressed the importance of working with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other organisations to capture individuals engaged in land grabbing.

Galadima emphasised how critical it is to put an end to these kinds of situations in order to protect gullible Nigerians from buying homes obtained via dishonest ways.

Galadima reaffirmed FCTA’s commitment to handling land grabbing issues, citing comparable measures implemented last year close to the Idu rail station. In order to stop additional invasion, he promised the populace that illegal fences would be taken down.

The reclaimed area had been illegally fenced off by encroachers. It had originally been assigned to a corporate body for housing estates. Galadima asked potential land purchasers to confirm land allocations with the appropriate government bodies as part of their due diligence.

The FCTA’s Secretary of Command and Control, Dr. Peter Olumuji, denounced the illegal actions of land grabpers, which include forging documents and fighting with law enforcement. He affirmed that the eight people who were taken into custody during the operation would be prosecuted.

The CEO of Ivory Shelters Nigerian Limited, Hamza Adamu, said that the site was rightfully set aside for mixed-use construction, which would include both residential and commercial uses. He pledged continued security and infrastructure development, putting a focus on client protection and cost.

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