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Meet Chief Francis Nwaokeke (Okpole Ikenga): The Anambra Billionaire Entrepreneur with Presidential Dreams

In a world that yearns for individuals with compassion and empathy, we are blessed to have Chief Nwaokeke Chukwujekwu Francis, also known as Okpole Ikenga Aguata, who hails from Ikenga in Anambra state

Born into humble beginnings to Late Chief Ambrose and Mrs Elizabeth Nwaokeke in the rustics Ikenga, in Aguata LGA of Anambra state, Chief Francis faced numerous challenges at the early stage of his life. Despite meager financial support from his parents, he refused to let anything hinder his pursuit of education. His determination and generosity were evident from an early age, as he always shared whatever little he had with his loved ones.

After years of dedicated apprenticeship without any settlement, when it seemed like all hope was lost, luck finally smiled upon him. Rising from obscurity, Chief Francis began his ascent to becoming a hero from zero. Throughout his arduous journey, he never lost sight of his dream to achieve greatness in life. Friends can attest to his unwavering determination and hard work. He took on various menial jobs, including working in a small furniture shop and supplying materials to construction sites, before seizing the opportunity to invest in his current business in 2002. Today, his company, Okpole C. Ventures, deals in a wide range of tyres for different machines and cars, catering to esteemed clients such as Settraco Construction Company and CCC Construction Company. He credits these giants of the industry for contributing greatly to his success.

In a recent interview with Eminent crew, Okpole Ikenga passionately expressed his ambition to become the President of Nigeria. In his view, previous leaders who attained such lofty heights were ordinary humans, just like him. Hence, he firmly believes that nothing should hinder him from pursuing his dreams, no matter how audacious they may seem. He is prepared to embrace the journey that leads to the realization of his aspirations.

Over the years, Chief Francis has expanded his business empire and ventured into other sectors such as real estate, construction, and contracts. He mingles with influential personalities such as Prince Arthur Eze, his mentor, Cubana Chief Priest, and renowned real estate moguls like the CEO of Lucky Gardens. His extensive global travels have provided him with valuable experiences in the world of business, which is why Eminent Magazine will be recognizing him as the Business Icon of the Year 2024. Destinations such as the UK, Italy, Poland, Dubai, and China have all witnessed his entrepreneurial ventures.

Notably, Okpole Ikenga is a jovial and generous soul. He firmly believes that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, and he takes immense joy in witnessing the happiness of others. He seizes every opportunity to lend a helping hand to those in need, and this kindness extends even to his business associates. His love for celebrations and parties is a testament to his belief in the true essence of life. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, he selflessly distributed 500 bags of rice, 500 tubers of yam, and 500 cartons of noodles to his community in Aguata. Since then, he has consistently shown them the same level of kindness, as inspired by the philanthropic teachings of Prince Arthur Eze.

Supporting his dreams and aspirations every step of the way is his beloved wife, Mrs. Joy Ekene Nwaokeke. Chief Francis considers her the greatest blessing in his life. With four children together and 15 years of marriage to celebrate by 2025, he affectionately states that he would choose her again and again in his next life. To him, she is not only a good woman but also a source of enormous happiness.

Chief Francis Nwaokeke lives by the philosophy of keeping his hands clean at all times, allowing him to pray to God for protection and provision that enriches his life. The charismatic businessman exudes an air of elegance primarily seen in his preference for senator wears and his desire for simplicity in dressing – it must always be classy.

In recognition of his contributions, Chief Chukwujekwu Francis Nwaokeke has received numerous awards and accolades. Notably, he was honored with the Award of Excellence from TPSES Law School in Portharcourt and the Community Service Award from Aguata Local Government.

Chief Chukwujekwu Francis Nwaokeke, Okpole Ikenga Aguata, can be aptly described as a visionary business icon who loves to revel in joy and spread happiness to those around him. His exceptional philanthropy towards his community, family, and friends serves as an inspiration to all. Behold the man of the hour, the Business Icon of the Year 2024 – Chief Francis Chukwujekwu Nwaokeke, Okpole Ikenga Aguata.

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