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Meet Wissal Samlali, Multicultural Health Worker Changing The Face Of Service Delivery In Africa, Others

Wissal Samlali is a health worker, advocate, consultant, humanitarian, volunteer and philanthropist, with over a decade of committed service in the health sector, spanning various continent of the world but much of her years devoted to enhancing service delivery in Africa health sector. 

Her training surpasses offering medical services at a zero condition but doing so as if it is her last chance to serve humanity. She relates with every patient with an endearing kind heart that leaves a lasting footprint in the minds of those she counters with. 

After attending French high school in Morocco, she pursued university studies in North America, earning a master's degree in International Relations from British Columbia. 

At the moment, she works for and represents a renowned Turkish Health Hub, Liv Hospital as Buisiness development group deputy manager, an office that has availed her the opportunity to travel across Africa from East to West for several years, witnessing first hand their peculiar needs, while serving as the mouthpiece, amplifying these challenges and attracting the needed response from the right quarters to bridge the number of under-served African communities. 

Wissal is leading partnership strategies, creating alliances with the large health hub — Liv Hospital in Turkey and various African governments, with mastery of corporate organizational development coupled with in-depth expertise in the medical sector.

She was quoted as saying during one of her engagements in West Africa, “Health is an essential driver of development, just like petroleum or trade, if we know how to allocate resources effectively.”

Her last ten years of practicing in the field of medicine has not only taken her to five continents of the world, but has given her a first hand information on what the profession entails in both public and private health institutions. 

Wissal has worked in collaboration with different health ministries across Africa to find adapted solutions to specific problems. Hear her at another occasion during her plethora of engagements on the continent, “Africa has everything; let’s work together so that the best can emerge and become our daily life.”

Apart from sharing her in-depth expertise in the medical field and local health needs, capitalizing on projects aimed at making the health sector in Africa productive, her carefully thought-out development objective for Africa also include, restructuring the medical health sector as well as achieving operational efficiency by optimizing care.

Her experience in the African field, where she identifies the real and urgent needs, allowed her to have an innovative and restructuring angle of vision, which can be adopted as a model solution in Africa, offering infallible and manifest support to the economic and social contribution.

Wissal has never hidden her commitment to launch a major expansion programme in Africa to support upstream growth plans, consolidate these expansions with the intention of focusing on increasing operational efficiency, optimizing exchanges for this purpose and training in this area locally. “Accessibility to care is a moral duty for any human society” says Wissal.

At the peak of COVID-19, she championed a solidarity campaign in Istanbul called "Maakoum" (Arabic for “with you”), to assist stranded Moroccan students, tourists, and newly-unemployed workers facing difficulties in Turkey due to outbreak of the pandemic. The assistance comes in the form of food baskets or cash support granted to vulnerable Moroccans in Turkey. 

Wissal Samlali no doubt is not only a mother figure to many, but a gift to mankind.

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