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Tinubu approves new 8,800 PHCs, national health fellows nationwide

President Bola Tinubu has approved the formation of the National Health Fellows Programme, which will place young Nigerians in all 774 local government areas across the country.

According to presidential spokesman Ajuri Ngelale, the establishment reflects President Bola Tinubu’s determination to comprehensively upgrade existing primary healthcare centres and construct over 8,800 new primary healthcare centres across all local government areas in the country for accessible and qualitative healthcare delivery, as well as the implementation of new social accountability mechanisms.

Ngelale stated that the well-trained fellows will function as fiduciary agents to monitor and track Primary Healthcare Centre development and performance, which will be meticulously measured against all funding inflows to the centers nationwide.

He further explained that the fellowship programme will be domiciled in the Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) coordination office under the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

“The fellows will be recruited, renumerated, and equipped with appropriate tools to track the performance of Basic Health Care Provision Fund-supported health facilities nationwide.

“President Tinubu, who is the African Union Champion for Human Resources in Healthcare, places faith in young Nigerians, and expects that their engagement in this critical nation-building task, which also includes a daily monitoring and tracking of health reforms in their locations, will usher in a new era of world-class service provision to all Nigerians in every part of the country,” he said.

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