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Drama as woman seeks divorce over husband’s weight gain, refusal to gym

An embattled woman faces disapproval from inlaws after filing for a divorce due to her husband’s weight gain and refusal to hit the gym.

A social media user identified as @Melo_Malebo took to the microblogging platform X to share the drama faced by a friend of his.

According to the user, the woman works two jobs to support the family but her husband keeps gaining weight while being helpless to look after himself.

Efforts to encourage him to hit the gym proved abortive, triggering the woman to file for a divorce from the marriage.

Woman filed for divorce over excessive weight gain of her husband

“My friend is receiving threats from her husband’s family bc she served him divorce papers. The main issue is that the guy is overweight: he needs help with many daily tasks, the kitchen is always trashed and he can’t clean after himself- my friend can’t take it anymore.

“She works two jobs and barely has time for herself. She really didn’t sign up for this bc the man she fell in love with looked different and was also hitting the gym hard. Not the couch potato she’s now faced with.

“For all the time she addressed this issue with her husband, she got called fatphobic and that was it.”

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